Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Meri Mihiii


Start me kaise karu… btane ko bahut kuch hai… ek hi word kaha toh puri zindagi ho Aap…


BUT Listen, every love story is beautiful, but ours is mine favorite.

By Ammu

Kiitna accha lagta hai na jab koi apse apni jaan se bhi jyada pyar kre, aur vo insan apki jeene ki wajah ban jaaye. Now, Let me say something –

SO, let’s Come here in my world. Ab teko ek movie dikhaata…. VIdeo nhii hogiii bcs aati nhi mujhe bnane.

THis day is soooooooooooo special for me…. I can’t even explain in my words…

My Queen

The story of our love is only beginning. Let’s write our own happy ending.

Aapki judaai bhi hume pyaar karti h,

aapki yaad bahut bekrar karte h, 

jaate jaate kahi bhi mulaqat ho jaaye aapse,

talaash aapko ye nazar baar baar krte h.

-Ur’s Truly Aman

SPeciALly About You

hihihi kankhajuriii
  •  The one who is so loving, so caring is you.
  •  Anyone who is so responsible and dedicated towards her family.
  •  Aapko Nhi lagta ki aap Kuch jyada hi meri tension lete ho? Hihi…
  •  Subah uthte hi yaad krna, humesha aapka yeh Kehna ki dhayaan rakhna, davayi le lena, mujhe hasane n manane k liye kisi bhi hadd tak guzar jaana…. Mujhe bahut special feel krata hai…
  •  Apni mom dad ki jaan, Tereko motiii bolne waale bhaai ki  pyaari se behen,,, or meri life… yaar ye kuch b nhii. I have no words.
My Hayat

Reason of my Happiness, My HAYAT, YOUU.. Yes you my darling Mahima…. Tu is duniya m aayi… Mere liye… Best day h,

WOh HUmara Sinchan waale grp m milnaa… (Tera Fav cartoon hehe) Aur post bhii yaad h mujhe jisme likha tha kiii “Jo ladkii ladke ko bhaai bol detii h woh actually m crush hota h…. ANd waha se hum dono kii journey start huiii…

Sinchan-Sinchan Pyaraa Pyaraa

Phr humara ghantoo baat krnaa….. Exms the but still i wasn’t worried bcs uhhh were there to guide me. And sach bolu TUNE BOLA THA KI TEKO MERE SE VIBE AATI but on serious basis mujhe tere se aatiii h vibes… THe way you are is Perfect… And I m soo lucky To have you in my life.

Teriii woh problems aur tuu kse meko hasatiii rehtiii thii…. And tu apnii story, problems apnii baatein share krtiii thi. That was next level bond. This is how it continued. Aur jab tu mere se beech m baat krna band kra tha. Seriously, i got scared, And jab Varun se teriii baat ho rhiii thii toh mekooo laga you ab mera kuch nhii hoga… Meriii buddy mere se door chalii gayiii… (BUT thanks to god…. our frndshp once again revived within 2 days… Aur uske baad toh humariii bondiing alag hii levell kii….ho gyii….

Mahima Ji

Humarii dosti 6th December ko hii thiiii n within kuch days m we were like kii hum ek dusro ko kitne tym se jaante h.. (Nazar na lage kisiki.. TOUCHWOOD) And thn that was the day jab 24th ko mne ek status daala tha n uske baad sab kuch badal gya. WooW i cant forget those moments. Those days.. N at correct 25th december k subah 3:53 min par tune ek msg daala that “SORRY K JAGAH KUCH AUR BOLDE” N i PROPOSED YOU “I LOVEEE YOU” mekoo nhii pta tha kii kya hoga kya milega bas bol diya tha…. aur aapka answer that shocked m kii kya bola… n mne I love you kaha n uhhh said i love you too… And us samay bilkul baccho kiii tarah tha m khush… Jaise duniya kii saari khushiya mil gayiii…

Love Saga

SO, teko toh pta chal hiii gya hoga kiii tere saath paane se hiii itna khush ho gya tha toh tuuu jab mere saath h toh kitna khush houngaa….. MEriii Bhaturiii….

Ur First Pic that you sent me

hahaha phr humare har ek woh pal n usi same day 4:55 par correct teko properly propose kra tha… And tera “Yes”.. Made me shiver.. And sach m, I was jumping with happiness in my room… WOw, yes yes,…. Soooooooo happpy. hahhaha life ka best day tha…. So Automatically tera day mera day… ban gya h special… So Aaj 10th NOVMBER ka world ka best day….

Accha chalo ab thoda family k baare m bhi dhayaan kar liya jaaye-

 Dear, Mom and Dad, aapke liye jitna bhi bolu kam h… bas itna hi… – The one who has the blessings of parents never fall.

 “Saasu Maa Ji”, Bestest one- Aap bahut acche ho… Every time you remind me of my mom… meet me soon and meko apna damaad bna lena with a smile on your face. I know you are aged but see you are really doing much… Love you.

All other is my heart, add on, I wanna mention, Dear Sasur ji, you are like a gud friend to ur Mahimu… your extra care pleases everyone and Mahimu ki side lete humeshaa… LOve you LOt….  

Mahimu’s little brother, Yes, it’s you… Hasii ki dukaan, Bas thoda pareshaan krna kam kr do Meriii MIhhii ko…

Sasu Maa- Sasur Ji- Mihii n Me
  • Kabhi kabhi to m sochta hu ki kya sach mey koi itna pyaar kaise kar sakta h… To me you are my life. Only i will say is

“Haa hasi ban gaye,

haa nami ban gaye,

tum mere aasmaan,

meri jameen ban gaye…”

– Song

NOW few words, Hum chahe Ek dusre ke Saath 5 min k Liye rahe but it is also too much worthy for me that too. BUt haa ye bhii sach h kitnaa bhii baat kr luuu Mann na bhare h. huuuu… Hum b bahut pagal h, haa m tere se jyada hu, itni baatein Karte h but still lagta h ki Nhi Abhi Kam h. You always smiled whenever i texted you and same goes to me all the tym. See this, continued for long 10 months 14 days, but I never noticed it. I never understood this was a natural feeling of yours. I guess I feel God wanted us to be together. So, see, I’m with you and I’ll always be…

My love for you is like the generations that always succeed… I want hum always saath rahe. Ek dusre ke liye always saath ho. I have decided my life with you. Words alone are not enough to express my feelings. I look forward to sharing this next year of your life with you, next year and next year and next year and so on. TILL THE LAST BREATH OF MY LIFE

M bas itna chahta hu aap humesha happy raho & god se yahi pray krunga ki vo kabhi hume alag na hone de.


Totality – I wanna dedicate a song –

“Ve main tera ho gya aan,

Tu menu ron na devi,

Jiven kvenga ove reh langa,

Has haske sab seh langa.

Mahiya tu wada kar…

Mahiya tu wada kar dur na javegi…

For YOu kankhajuriiii


AND One More Thing…

BY Your Ammu :*

Our love is like a sea and an endless sky. Love is all that we need. Love is a stream that flows from heaven, and a kiss is the lane that connects two hearts. For me love is all that you are. Happy birthday!

“My Favorite place in all the world is next to you.”

          LOVE YOU :*

You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, The one I use to color my sky… :*


“How Lucky are we,

for the stars & the trees

& the sea & the magic of

YOU & ME.”


Meriii jaan, I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to. I only Want YOU. Each and every time, every second, every time.

  • I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.
  • I know you’re the only one and yeaaaa I want to share the rest of my life with you.
  • There are many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you.
  • When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together.
  • I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it.
  • When I look into my heart, I see only you. If you can look into your heart and only see me, then we should spend the rest of our lives together.
  • When you will look into my eyes, you will always find one lil girl “Merii Mihiii”.
  • I promise you, I know i fight with you hell lot of time, but no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me. I will do anything for you.
  • When I think about you, I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.
  • When I think of the future, I like to picture us as two trees planted side-by-side, our roots growing together more firmly as the years go by, and our children sprouting like seedlings around us.
  • Life offers many challenges. I know I can meet them if you’re willing to face them with me.
  • When I met you, I knew I’d met my match. It was only a matter of time until we arrived at this moment. How it turns out is all in your hands.
  • SO, in conclusion………..

You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?


That flawless smile on your face reassuring me of your love is the only thing I ask for as you celebrate another birthday today.

This is ur Birthday Cycle,. Pehle ka toh pta nhii but from now on ur Birthdays will be best.. not only BIRTHDAY BUT YOUR EVERY DAY. I WILLL MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL. Marks YOUR memorable times when it comes to celebrating your birthday.

Happy Birthday Mahima

I truly wish that you are blessed with all the joy, good health, and prosperity in life. After all, you will share all you have with me, won’t you? Happy birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the girl whom I love from the bottom of my heart. My little teddy bear, I will hug you tonight like never before, I will kiss you like never before, and I will cuddle my little bear like never before. Just to see that cute smile on your face. I wish to keep that smile on your face all your life. Love you so much… Your big teddy bear… kisses…

Meriii Jaan, Wish you a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy happppy Birthday. I loveeee youuu bahut saara… May god bless you. Always. And Now here it begins, Teko kaha tha na kiii m kuch nhii krta itna sab kuch, but teko pta h na mujhe tere liye krnaa accha lagta h hadd se jyada…. hehehe…. Muuuuuuuaaahhhhh…..

Aurrrr Haaa sorry tekooo pareshaan krnee k liye last 2 days exm k baad se… Bcs itthe tha m…. hihihihi… Sorrrryyyyyy bahut bada waaala….. N sab kuch ladnaa n alll jaan bujh krr tha… kuch kuch baatein jaan bujh kar thi After ladaayi kii…. but i guess it will be worth it…. So meriiii Jalebiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. i loveeeee youuuuu bahut saara…..

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