Why Spending $1,000 on Instagram Influencer Marketing is Worth It

You may have noticed that influential Instagram is doing a lot of hype for brands related to their niche. Being such a visual platform, Instagram can be the best platform to run your impressive marketing campaign. You might be tempted to give it a try, but you are not keen on investing in a platform that you definitely won’t deliver.

So let’s have a look at some of the reasons that your marketing dollars are spent on Instagram influenced marketing.

You will reach a mass audience

But this is not the only reason that Instagram is such a desirable platform for instrument marketing. Influencer marketing is best done on Instagram as some influential people have more followers on the platform than other social media channels.

A 2017 study by Quintley also supported this and found that Instagram has the highest growth rate of followers.

This is only an example of an affected person whose Instagram is the largest compared to other social media channels. Vloggers like Zoella have more similar reach on YouTube and Instagram with 11 million and 11.2 million respectively. Because vloggers have made their impact through YouTube and it is only natural that they have significant reach on the platform.

Along with other types of influencers, Instagram gives them the most reach. Even if you go through some impressive profiles on Influence.co, you will find that a lot of them either only have an Instagram account or have the highest number of followers on Instagram.

The following screenshot shows @ Amber and Sarah’s profile @flip_flopsandfurs. He has a few thousand followers on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. But he has 10,500 followers on Instagram.

Instagram has the highest interaction rate

Social media users interact more with posts on Instagram than any other platform. A previously cited Quintley study found a distinct difference in interaction rates between Instagram and other platforms. For accounts with more than 1,000 followers, the conversation rate was 10.72% on Instagram, 0.42% on Twitter, and 1.86% on Facebook.

For accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers, the conversation rate was 2.63% on Instagram, 0.11% on Twitter, and 0.69% on Facebook. Although the following saw an increase in conversions as well as a decrease in the rate of conversation, Instagram consistently ranks much higher than Twitter and Facebook.

For accounts with more than 10 million followers, the conversation rates on Twitter and Facebook were 0.01% and 0.06%, respectively. But Instagram still maintained an engagement rate of 0.88%, which is much higher than the highest interactional rate on Twitter.

These numbers indicate that Instagram users are more likely to interact with campaign posts created by influencers for your brand. The more they interact with the content, the more familiar they will become with your brand. This familiarization is very important if you want to win consumers over and turn them into loyal customers.

It is an influential-favorite

Based on their experience, influencers agree that influential marketing is best done on Instagram. A Bloglovin poll on micro-influencers found that most micro-impactors found Instagram to be the best platform for branded content. 59% of respondents also felt that Instagram is the most effective platform to engage their audience.

Hashoff surveyed 150,000 affected to find out how they felt about affected marketing. In this poll as well, Instagram is taking the lead as a platform of choice among influential people. 91.9% of influential people considered it their number one platform. Facebook and YouTube each received a vote of 2.7% of respondents to the survey.

It is therefore clear that influencers like Instagram because it enables them to effectively engage their followers and promote the brands they love. It helps them connect with people who share their same interests, who do them, turn them into followers, and eventually convert them into fans.

Since the affected have first-hand experience with delivering promotional content to consumers on various social media platforms, they must ensure which platforms deliver and which are not. It would be appropriate for brands to rely on the opinions of these influential people, which would be most effective to entice people with promotional material.

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