Hey dear friends, it’s not the weekend but time to hit another weekend! If you didn’t already know that there are Weekend Wummy posts where I talked about the comments made last week, what’s going to happen, what I’m playing and more. Of course, this is also where I want to know what you guys are playing! Send me a comment so we can chat.

My biggest review last week was the Nintendo Switch Lite which really impressed me. I’ve moderated the review as someone who doesn’t have a regular toggle switch, so I hope I can create a slightly different view on the console.

Talking of Switch Light, I have found it to be the perfect tool to play Stardive Valley. I checked and loved Stardew Valley a while back, but I found a new love for the game Light on because I can now dive on my couch for an hour away from my little farm. Or when I’m out and can turn off the light, I fire the match for five minutes and still feel like I’m making some progress.

And the final bit of crap of the switch light comes from the cool people at Digital Foundry who have broken up and analyzed the Witch 3 port. This is some very impressive stuff. The fact that they managed to take The Witcher 3 and compress it into a 32GB cartridge is incredible, but they worked it so well that is simply amazing.

Another review I gave this week was on GRID, the new start of the racing series which is also the 10th game in the TOCA franchise. Somehow. In any case, it turns out that he is a really fun arcade racer who lacks content and options. I think it might be worth revisiting after a few months to see if CodeMasters embodied it.

As for the upcoming review, I’m still working on enhancement 2. Yes, I know, I’m working with it, but honestly I’m still kicking my ass. However, the more I play The Surge 2, the more I enjoy it, it introduces intricate, sophisticated and thoughtful combat design, even though I am constantly lost.

Asgard’s rage review mark also appeared. It is an all-new VR game and looks like it will probably be the great 3D style experience that virtual reality awaits. It is over 40 hours long, and features more to combat swords and shields, to interact with NPCs, to solve puzzles. Norse mythology and art style also look amazing. Watch this video of Eurogamer’s Ian to find out what Adorable’s anger looks like.

I have also noticed with interest that Oculus Quest is getting a major upgrade. Now, when Quest launched, it was a standalone VR headset without wires, and the idea is that you can experience VR anywhere you want the same headset to run the game. Meanwhile, the Oculus Rift S, which I picked up, was the wired version which means less freedom but the result is a PC to play the game. Despite this, Oculus is now talking about releasing an upgrade to Quest that will allow it to connect to PCs as well. It makes me feel… stupid to buy a crack S that is now meaningless. The Quest is the better choice, even though the Rift S still has slightly better specs. If they had launched Oculus Quest with PC connectivity, it would have been much better.

I will also talk about the recent 4TG sports conference where I spent time with a lot of amazing people, played some pinball and saw a group of kids trying to be good at Fortnite.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-fuel was relaunched this week and included in the current Grand Prix event. I’m still annoyed that Activision has added microtrans to the game, and the fact that it’s so obvious that adding them after the review makes me more nervous. But the game is still quite fun. The new tracks are nothing special, but they have already made an extensive list of episodes, and Grand Prix races continue to give me things to do.

I think by the end of the year Crash Team Racing will probably be on the top ten list. I’ve already looked at our list of the 9 best games of the year so far, and it’s fun to see how much they change at the end of 2019. I am not sure that things like The Division 2 and Mordeau would still consider us like we are considering things like Borderland 3. , Untitled Swan Game and Control.

Oh, and speaking of controls, it seems that there has been a commercial flop in the game which makes me very sad. It also did not make it to the NPD chart for August. Similarly, UK Infographics published on 14 October also does not feature it among the 40 titles listed there, which is very disappointing. Control is a simple game, and it is one of the best games of the year and deserves to succeed, especially in relation to some of the issues to be released. Read my love letter to review, then buy the game. Do yourself a favor.

Of course, the big news from last week has been either after Blizzard, his Hurtstone Championship and his ban for the tournament winner, when he expressed his support for the current situation in Hong Kong during post-match interviews. I will not summarize the whole story here nor provide any in-depth analysis as it is in an article and worth it. I just wanted to provide some brief thoughts. The first is that Satan’s lawyer said that I do not know what the exact rules of heroism are and cannot say. Blizzard claims that it is very specific and the player in question agreed to these rules and then broke them. If this is true, then we need to keep this in mind properly.