Where is NuraLoop Personalised sound that's out of this world

Where is NuraLoop Personalised sound that’s out of this world

As the general consumer market moves in the direction of true wireless headphones, Nura does things in her own way. The company – which launched Nuraphone in 2018, an in-ear product to customize the audio profile for the listener – has launched its second pair of headphones, the NuraLoop, a pair of wireless headphones, a Only brings personal audio capabilities.

With everyone’s promise for the perfect fit, a high price point, and solid battery performance, this may just be the only pair of ears you need?

With Nuraphone, the design and look were very funky, with earcups being a key element in the ear. With Nurloop, the design is a bit more traditional, but there is still much that makes it stand out.

At a glance you can classify Nurloop as a neck-to-ear pair. But in fact, it is not. The two earbuds are connected to each other by a round cable, but have no enclosure, and this is not enough to rest on your shoulders.

The center of this cable has a unique conductor. It is a special connector made versatile by Nura. This eliminates the need for a 3.5mm input and a USB Type-C port that takes place on an earbud. Alternatively, this connector is capable of delivering audio via a clip-on charge cable or via a cable if you want to plug it into an outlet in a 3.5 mm port.

The earpads are almost perfectly round on the outside, while they have curves and snakes to fit the shape of the ear on the inside with tips at the ends. It does not stick very inward, so it sits well, blocking the cavity. There are no ear feathers to keep it in place, but we found that the fit was gentle and snug, even without ear hooks shaping the shape of our ears.

These hooks feed directly into the aforementioned cable and they form really well on the upper edge of the ear, ensuring that you can fit them to the shape of your ear. The end result is a secure fit, but without inconvenience.

Since both are connected to this cable, you sometimes feel a tugging feel if you are adjusting the fit while pulling the cable up to the ear. Once fitted you want it to be no problem, it is not just an experience-free experience, like two different headphones completely devoid of headphones.

One of the surprising things about the original Nuraphone is the apparent lack of buttons. Nurloop takes this buttonless approach and works with it. This means that there is nothing to tap and tap to run Nurloop. These built-in headphones automatically close when the buds come out of your ears and leave them on for two minutes. Likewise, when you put it in your ears, the buds become stronger.

To control the volume, skip the tracks and adjust the level of noise canceling technology, both earbuds have a larger touchpad. Like most touch-sensitive panels on earphones, it is easy to accidentally operate them while adjusting the fit of the earbuds. But with touch controls still in place – when it comes to intentional action – the panel control is surprisingly intuitive and works really well.

By default, you can slide your finger over the edge of the right earbud to increase, increase or decrease the volume. The earpiece pauses to click plays and music.

Similar to the controls on the left but for noise-canceling and social modes – the latter that adjusts the amount of noise. Clicking on the earpiece enables social mode, or activates noise cancellation, then swiping sideways adjusts the volume coming from outside.

As social conditions move forward, the use of nura is one of the best we have used. It’s great to let the sound from outside, so you can have a full conversation with people without having to remove the earphones. Be it vehicle advertisements, brief conversations with bus drivers, cafe barrists or any other time you need to answer a question quickly.

For on-stage musicians, this may mean that you can still hear the vibe coming from whatever the audience is watching, or the slightest sound can come from the front speakers, while still ears. I am getting your personal mix.

Noise cancellation is equally effective. Part of that thanks to the sealing of ear tips, you can – to some extent – completely stop the noise from the outside world and live in your own immersive and fantastic music world.

With up to 16 hours of music playback on a single charge, your music world can last a long time. We never really struggled with battery life, and when we didn’t get the full 16 hours, we definitely came close to testing. Also, the 10 minute charge that saved 2 hours of music was very good in a pinch.

Add to this the fact that these devices are equipped with aptX HD for high-fidelity audio and lag-free connectivity to your Android phone, and Nurloop makes for an extremely powerful pair of ears.

Almost all headphones and earphones come with a premium audio coil. Bass, mids and treble are blended in such a way that the manufacturers think it is the best. Some allow you to set these frequencies using an in-app equalizer, and some do not. Nora is completely different on this point of view. It optimizes the sound to suit the responses of your ears to the sound.

Nura’s argument is that – like a pair of shoes – while the normal shape very closely represents what works for you, they won’t fit your foot properly unless your toe is mapped Not done, and you get a pair of shoes that fit all the contours of your feet perfectly. It is the same with sound, or – more specifically – in the same way that your personal ears interact with sound.

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