Where is Going Back To The Division

Where is Going Back To The Division

I did not lie and tried to claim that Ubisoft’s department made me feel impressive when it was first launched. There were some good ideas and the human was visually beautiful, but in the end it was a hollow experience. However, Division 2 arrived in a few months and with a lot of people saying that the division was much better than the launch, I kicked out the division.

It immediately surprised me that I forgot how good the partition looked. The New York Post amuses disaster, looking pretty but depressed and covered in a thin layer of snow. The streets are left in garbage bags, cars and general detergents. It’s a desolate place that spoils the atmosphere. It is a shame that Ubisoft has failed to capitalize on its incredible ability to tell stories through environmental detail.

I left a level 20 character I left because I was interested to see if the early game had improved. On my way to 30 caps, I found that wasn’t the case. The initial logo still has a shortage of an interesting story or fun mission design. This is still the same game that forces you to dump, although the rate at which the new loot increased helped me feel more motivated.

Once I got to level 30, where the real changes became apparent, the endgame is by many years past. The first noticeable change for me was world class, beating the power of enemies on every map. The key here is that you can choose the tires you want, provided they match your current gear requirements. The stronger you are, the stronger your face and the better the booty.

Of course, this doesn’t solve the division problems at all, but it’s a start. Moving forward, I started to see other new features and ideas.

One of the things I found myself focusing more on was how to play with the gear set. They don’t do anything or anything, but they offer powerful perks and rewards depending on how many parts of the set equipped. Personally, I focus so much on the additional damage that head injuries do and I end up being an animal if I can deliver bullets consistently like a crane bringing Christmas gifts to Santa at a very fast pace. In the skull.

Somewhere along the way, a new portion of the map was added where someone suddenly remembered that there was more New York hiding away in the closet somewhere. There are a lot of specific enemies in this area, as well as randomly generated missions. It’s a fun place to visit, although I don’t think I want to be there. As I wandered around, I noticed that there were no citizens walking the streets like the rest of New York. I can only assume the property’s value must be very low there.

I really enjoyed listing high-value daily and weekly goals that give a good share of the spoils and credit. To reach these I had to venture into the world, completely clear an area of ​​side quests and confrontations and then head to the local safe house to do some search and destroy missions. They gave me three places to go and killed all the bad guys out there before they rewarded me with Intel info, which I can then swap for to deal with HVT. Again, there’s a slow mission design issue in the process, but I found myself looking to log in and see the new targets available to be killed.

Also includes daily and weekly challenges. It’s crowded things like collecting electronics or killing the total amount of Excite, but with the promise of doing some new work to do so, you have to step back into the game and the objectives and rewards to complete it. This is the highlight of games like Destiny, where you find yourself jumping in just to see new missions.

The biggest endgame change so far is incursion. These singles can be done, but definitely not by me, so I spend some time getting ready to get some people on the team. As it turns out, the community in the division is not the best because it is by and large the most dedicated player, and they are not ready to help the relatively inexperienced players. However, I managed to find some people and failed to fight through the missions as well as complete them myself. The raids require strong teamwork and provide something very satisfying at the end of the game, even if you don’t bring any new mechanics into the mix again.

I quickly found myself wandering repeatedly through New York’s metro tunnels and basements, looking for brighter guns, better elbow pads, and a wider assortment of quilted jackets and bean hats. It’s important to look good even when you kill hundreds of people recklessly.

But the thing that got me addicted to The Division was actually the first expansion pack. It offers an Underground mode, which is basically a dungeon made up of different rooms simultaneously created by the magic of Random Randomness. There’s still gameplay to get things excited, so it’s about killing things over and over again, but it offers small piles of loot, customizable challenges, and fun to shoot.

Next month, the oath will die and be replaced by its predecessor. For now, we can only speculate whether the sequel will correct its father’s mistakes, but I must say that almost three years after its initial release, The Division is a stronger and more enjoyable game from day one. It still has issues, it still doesn’t have a story to tell and the basic gameplay is still repetitive, however Ubisoft is stuck with its build and loyal players and has slowly but surely built the division. . The argument is that the split should have been in the beginning, but I’m glad I came back and gave me another chance.

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