Last year, we saw an open market for new highs before the notch. International investment companies, which once collected 20 million at a blink of an eye, are now struggling to raise a million. Projects began to fail from left and right, and Github became a ghost town.

The organizers are taking drastic action. They expel young investors and re-crawl the existing system. KYC, AML and central choke points are ideal m

Only accredited investors, also known as rich, can invest and invest more money with their own money. Instead of deciding what people will do with their money, the organizers believe that bus drivers, teachers and postal investors are too stupid to invest, so we protect them better than they do.

In business, well, unless you are a specialist trader, you can bleed slowly or have a greedy life.

Last year, anyone could shoot darts and make money. This year, after a painful ten-month slide and 80% of crypto value evaporated, I saw many of my students trade, their bank account ignited, and their self-worth in the toilet.

However, the worst part is that the encoder does not survive to the hype.
Facebook and Google are still huge monopolies and are not at risk of decentralization or democracy any time soon.

The primary use of crypto is still to estimate or print money from the air to fund new projects before writing a line code or registering a customer.

All we need to do is decentralize everything, and we will get rid of financial burdens and obstacles and high steps toward a brave new world of abundance and opportunity, a new dawn for humanity, a shift in consciousness, the species that is awakening here and now. That’s it!

It will take longer than you expect. Nothing is good or bad.

Dreaming of a new world where smart contracts create purposeful fair systems is a difficult dream and always has to be because people still have to write those smart contracts and these people will always be flawed.

Amnesty International failed to achieve any of its goals for fifty years, then suddenly it was moving everything from driving directions to search engines when you understood your voice, and driving on the city’s busy streets.

Just like artificial intelligence, the coding will reach the tipping point where the noise subsides and start doing really important tasks.

What would it take for the technology to take its potential and prove that Dr. Doom and other tribes have become wrong and more effective so that we cannot imagine what life was like before?

Past and future

You don’t have to hate encryption or be blind to its potential, like Dr. Doom, to see what’s not working.

Critical thinking is our best friend in life. Without thinking of criticism, we cannot fix a godly thing. So let’s take a serious and honest look at cryptography and see what doesn’t work so that we can start thinking about how to fix it.

Block block chains do not go to visa chains, there is no killer app and we will not get rid of the central choke point or anything else I mentioned there.

These notes are everywhere, though Radix, Thunder Network and some other projects are making great strides towards scalability.

To get a chance to change the world of these radical new technologies, we need to create a more advanced mousetrap, not just the equivalent of Betamax, and hopefully people will leave their DVRs.

Today, if you want to try Instagram, go to the App Store, then click “Install” and after a minute you browse for pictures of people who are cooler, happier and happier than you are.

No encryption is required to do anything on Instagram. He makes his money from the monitor that you intentionally bought, and it is now in your pocket. This is known for your smartphone.

Your phone advertises better than any other advertising system in the past. He listens to every word and uses AI to get ads displayed to you, such as a backpack or jacket you just talked to your best friend.

It hits flat text ads on roadside billboards or in magazines. Past advertisers have never known how many people have bought coke after crossing this billboard 20 times, but they know exactly how many ads have clicked on Facebook.

Unless we have coding apps that not only Instagram does, it can only make it better, unless we build a better economic model to replace or enhance that superlative ad, given the brand new features you can’t live without, coding the world. App is not running fast.

It’s a long system, but that’s what we face.

But it’s not worse. Since I wrote this article, I have been thinking more and more about the problems facing encryption that are bigger than I ever imagined.