There are hundreds of different attack strategies used by cyber criminals. One of the classic scamming techniques is phishing. While an old strategy, it is still successfully used by cyber criminals with new changes.

The major source of phishing is spam email. These are well-crafted manipulative emails designed to dig up the spam filters of your email account and manage to show up in your inbox.

The main objective of phishing is to gain access to confidential and important personal and organizational data. Your bank details and company access password are the most wanted information by cyber criminals.Different variants of phishing
A variety of phishing techniques are used by scammers of the current era.

1. Whale Fishing

Whale phishing, as the name suggests, is the organization’s phishing strategy to attack large fish. Business owners, directors and key personnel are the main targets of this phishing tool. The attackers do some intensive research before sending the email. These emails are written in a personal tone that details the organization’s essentials. The sender uses the same email address as the taxation department or any other government body and asks for some important information or money transfers. The overall impression of email is very professional, but since it targets high-ranking smart personnel, its success rate is quite low.

2. Confusing Phishing

It is one of the traditional phishing strategies and has been used for decades. The spammer uses email addresses similar to authentic websites and big businesses. There is just a slight change in the address, which often goes unnoticed by regular Internet users. The email asks you to click on an attached link that leads to a fake webpage or install malware on your device. The intention is to hack your data and gain access to your confidential or confidential private information.

3. Hearing

Farming is another phishing strategy where fraudulent emails are sent from authentic sources such as banks and social media sites. These emails ask you to take a necessary action in your account. This can be anything from changing the password to taking some security measures and cleverly redirecting you to a fake webpage. Farming not only includes fraudulent emails but it also increases the DNS cache. It uses the same web address as the source and appears like the original site.

4. Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a targeted phishing strategy that attacks a unique population. Emails are sent directly to the receiver to address and implement some authentic source such as an educational institution or bank. Even it uses the original logo and signature so that the receiver has no doubt about its authenticity. The motto behind these emails is to steal login details by connecting students and customers alike to all other phishing strategies.

5. Google Docs Phishing

Almost every Internet user relies on the Google Play to Gmail from Play Store. A Gmail account allows you to use a set of Google services. Most people use Google Docs to store documents and photos because it seems so convenient and secure. This is why hacking Google password is one of the major targets of scammers. They will email and send it to Gmail users who direct them to their Google login page. Once you enter the password, your account and all files stored on it are accessible to the scammer.

How to stop fishing
Phishing is a widely used scam tactic, but not a very powerful tool. Stopping phishing is easy.

1. Double check the contents

Most fraudulent emails have a lot of flaws in their content. Although most phishing emails address you directly and use personal information to trick you, they do not have complete information. If you carefully examine the content of these emails, you will come to know about its authenticity easily.

The major trick played by scammers is that they create a sense of urgency with their phishing emails. Only if you take action in haste, you fall. Therefore, it is necessary to remain calm and make your move wisely.

2. Protect Your Identity

It changes your original identity and location and allows you to connect to the world through secure remote servers. This eliminates all possibilities of espionage and sabotage and cyber criminals are not able to access your information and identity.

A strong VPN helps protect your connection from any malware and makes your online existence safe and secure. A VPN is a secure barrier in the way of phishing email reaching your device.