One of the surprising and disappointing things about this year’s US presidential race is that no one has learned Obama’s lesson to effectively leverage technology to win elections. It was also a powerful lesson.

Using a mixture of mass analysis and social networks, an inexperienced young politician managed to pass the surveyed candidate to his party. Four years later, he again defeated the negative approval rate for doing it – education Mitt Romney, who should have known how to better use these tools.

In the current elections, the woman who defeated her for the first time did not learn this lesson and is now losing again. The only candidate who actually ran a tech company had not even learned this lesson, and what should have been a major benefit did not happen. Are these people stupid?

I’m going to show my opinion on the subject and close it out with my product for this week: a bunch of high-tech goggles that use smart glasses to automatically adjust light changes.

How analytics and social media win elections

One of the most interesting lectures I’ve ever seen is one of the EMC-hosted election sessions – a talk given by a man who served as head of information for Obama’s election and election campaigns. We saw how campaign staffers used technology to beat up the pants against Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mitt Romney – all of whom are more popular politicians.

It is clear that the first two could not explain the “analysis” and provided no reliable defense of the technology. While business expert Romney needed a response, he applied it so badly that you’d be surprised how successful he was at work.

Of course, some argue that the current reward for this with Obama is that Google now primarily owns it. However, the fact that it has been shown that hiring a dedicated analysis team (Romney forgot about the “expert” part) can be a big advantage.

What social analysis and networks provide is a combination of knowing what resonates to deliver a related message and a low-cost model. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, social media gives a person extensive physiotherapy skills. Analytics is a force multiplier, as it determines what voters want to hear.

This is a clear lesson, so why did Fiorena, who didn’t run HP, not learn?

Fiorina failed

One of the things you learn if you follow the CEO is that each has self-made blind spots that allow others to stumble back and over. Fiorina is unwilling to accept and learn from a mistake, and her inability to build loyalty with those most important to her.

According to insiders, there were two main reasons for Fiorena’s failure at HP. At first, she clearly never understood this technique, so those who informed her took many of her requests as mindless proposals, not as directions. Second: He was not loyal to his people, so they were not loyal to him. This is often a problem with CEOs who perform excessive layoffs as a financial management tool. It embraces insults, betrayal and outright hatred.

Fiorena never understood the power of analysis, the people who worked with her and who understood that most of the time to use this technique either hated it, thought it inept, or both. In any case, you will never be a parent – it is only responsibility. His tenure at HP is seen as a failure, so he has not laid a sound foundation for the argument that he would be a worthy choice for president.

As a policy, she had a particularly heavy advantage over those competing for the nomination – particularly against a candidate from the opposition party – but only if she was strong in women’s issues.

Instead, she chose her central issue as “family planning” that sells parts of children, losing her credibility.

Planned Paternity is a women’s rights organization, and by taking up this post, Fiorena had a lot of priorities as her primary constituency. The defense of women’s equality in the workplace was a much more legitimate issue, and much more related to female geography, with no real potential.

In other words, it became easier for women to choose Clinton as their best actor. This is something that should be easily demonstrated between a set of analyzes and simulations, but it appears that Fiorena was taken from the thigh – and was consequently shot in the leg.