Dell on Tuesday announced the launch of its first industrial computer designed specifically for the main market: the Embedded Box PC 3000 Series and 5000 Series.

Dell said the product is a response to the growing computing market and the lack of reliable equipment.

According to a study by Technavio, the embedded systems market was valued at more than $ 11 billion in 2014, and is projected to reach $ 23.1 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of around 15 percent.

Lower component costs, improved energy efficiency, greater return on investment, and demand for the Internet of Things are all factors that drive this growth

Known quantity

Dell CEO of Dell’s IoT Business Andy Rhodes said: “We have always told customers that existing embedded solutions do not meet the level of sophistication, size and cost support that are essential and reliable components of their operations.” Solution.

He said Dell offers a global domain and IT and operations security portfolio from beginning to end.

Dell spokesman Sarah Ludin stated that the robust design of these products can withstand extreme temperatures using a hardcore cooling system, which is beneficial in many applications. And within plant automation, the fan is the first thing to go down.”

She points out that the Internet of Things is a new platform for many business owners, and investing in computers and assigned programmers can be a frightening proposition.

Why is this fund different?

What makes Dell’s personal computer appealing is its unlimited capabilities, said Christian Juarez, a teacher at Tech Shop.

The Internet of Things helps industries simplify their processes to make business more efficient.

If you are installing it yourself, you have to set your hardware distribution contrary to what Dell offers, and you have all kinds of programs that Everything works together and you have to encode things yourself and things like that. ”

Software can be a huge problem, so it looks like a compact device out of the box, which you appeal to many people. will do.”

He points out that smaller computers, such as Raspberry Pi, are used for control centers, but this type of equipment requires expert-level programming skills, which Dell doesn’t necessarily require, which will save companies money in the long run. Can help

Compact computers will be available this summer. Prices start at $ 1099 for the 3000 series and $ 1699 for the 5000 series.

Most CRM consumers do not have much knowledge of dev ops, an approach that integrates management tools and technologies with a culture shift and development strategies within the development organization.

Sandbox and Arab, a development organization of about 50 people, may struggle to keep concurrent versions and as they should, my research refers to Cobado, which focused on Salesforce Lightning.

Successful organizations using DevOps can tweak and release their core business software as they are – none from this week or next month. So DevOps is a big thing and it will only get bigger. You need to support this to disable your digital and platform.

I don’t know how old the API is, but companies like MuleSoft have some cool things that make integration on the platform as easy as anything. I think you need to support DevOps and support my pet project, which is an information tool.

We had a long time when it was reasonable to expect that all the software in your organization would be purchased from one vendor and merged easily. In fact, it is unclear whether the time was real. In the heterogeneous software world, faster and faster integration is a necessity, so it will become even more important.

This is my hobby horse – every analyst has one, I think. I will try to be brief. As we move towards a heterogeneous future, we are transitioning around the development of ultimate technology as an information tool.

Information is so important for modern life that everyone should have access to it, and it should be almost fast, free and smooth. Some other topics on my list include this – for example, platform and API integration.

The tool provides one of the technology’s biggest money making opportunities since the emergence of SQL and a relational database. It is also needed.

Note that there are differences between data and information and some concepts of data models that we have used for a long time can inspire ideas such as information models, but they differ and require their own set of rules is. In this, the tool will look more like SQL.

The end of this year saw the end of one of the most torture purchases of federal government computing, namely a $ 10 billion cloud purchase of $ 10 billion for the Pentagon.

Microsoft has won the litigation process by competitors such as Oracle, but this is surprising. I don’t think Microsoft alone will deliver the entire project, simply because there are many other cool technologies that can contribute. I think Microsoft will eventually act as the main contractor rather than the only award-winning entity.