Amazon announced on Tuesday that it had expanded its footprint in the gaming industry, complementing its Lumber 3D game engine development studio.

Based on the core components of Cryotech Cryangine, Lumberyard will support the development of computers and consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). Amazon plans to add support for mobile and virtual reality devices soon.

The game engine, available in beta, is free, and there is no membership fee or revenue sharing template to prevent small development teams from entering.


Amazon has been active on this job site for years. That move included Cryotech Inc. in exchange for video game broadcasting services, Amazon game studio configurations, and licensing rights to a Cryotech company valued at $ 50 million to $ 70 million.

There is also Amazon Web Services, which spokesman Reina Lunac said had been serving some of the world’s largest games and studios for years.

large and growing community of fans . ” “With Lumberyard, that’s what we did. Cloud and community are important aspects of game making.”

To help developers leverage AWS, which is optional, Amazon launched GameLift with Lumberyard. GameLift will facilitate deployment of servers through AWS for multiplayer play.

Amazon charges the standard on AWS and offers a GameLift on the seat, which costs $ 1.50 per 1000 active daily users.

of the game engine and server infrastructure management In a short period of time without any hindrance in the construction.

Workers required

Christine Arrington, a senior gaming analyst at IHS, said that with more support, the Lumberbird could compete with Unity for the game engine. With Amazon’s industry-leading AWS, the Lumberyard can be “very attractive to new developers” at the end.

For developers, it appears that two of Amazon’s most important goals, Lumberbard, have made it easier for them to integrate AWS and simply to improve e-sports games through Twitch for them, as TechNewsWorld noted. has told.

He reported that, from Amazon, it gets internal drive. It is exclusive to developers and technology companies.

“Many developers see this as a competitive advantage. Therefore, the internal drive of any game developed by Amazon employs this functionality.”

He said that with respect to its impact on the industry, Lombardi could generate more waves in the e-sports sector than the broader gaming industry.

In order for a company to become customer-centric, the CEO must work with all the different parts of the business – backend operations, marketing, sales, service – shifting the company’s focus entirely from customer contact points to customer visits.

This may sound like a very difficult effort for a CEO, but without it the senior leadership team often has to rely on direct reports, often prompting their bosses and CEOs to tell them what they want to hear Are, rather than what they want to hear.

When direct reporting is not used to be clear about the customer experience, it can ignore issues and set a political agenda in front of what is best for the customer. In the long run, it is harmful to the company. Since Satan is in the details, when designing and delivering a great customer experience experience, honesty is essential.

Researchers at McKinsey found that focusing on the customer journey is more closely associated with business outcomes than focusing on touch points.

For example, when health insurance companies correctly arrive at a customer’s journey, customer satisfaction is 73 percent higher than their focus on correcting contact points, indicating that. In the hospitality sector, hotels which receive the right of customers to visit

Certainly, to lead and train an organization requires patience and courage to know the world through the eyes of the customer. After understanding the customer journey, when customers hear about a company (through advertising and marketing) how long is the product or service (sales) presented when they ask questions or support in a company (Customer service and back-end operations). Everyone in the company should focus on experiencing the entire journey of the customer.

With many departments traditionally operating as silos, parts of the customer experience are sure to shatter easily. If departments do not cooperate, they will not know when the ball is dropped along the customer’s journey or who should receive it again.

An effective customer experience requires the use of advanced customer analytics to discover gaps in the process. Strong leadership in managing organizational change is required to keep the organization in customer service.

The reason for this is that changing the customer experience journey means not just changing technologies and processes, but improving and changing internal processes, politics, and corporate culture, along with positions of people who are directly or indirectly customers. Provide experience.