What is 8BitDo Zero 2 This gamepad fits in your pocket

What is 8BitDo Zero 2 This gamepad fits in your pocket

The 8BitDo Gaming Accessory brand has made a name for itself with original and responsive consoles and accessories for a wide variety of systems, and its Nintendo Switch products are among the best. Many of these emulate the look of classic consoles like the Super NES, but with the Nintendo Switch Lite in the wild, the company has also designed a console that is perfect for itinerant gamers.

The 8BitDo Zero 2 ($ 20) is a no-frills little console for playing old-fashioned games on the go, although limited compatibility outside the switch prevents it from being a complete accessory.

Under just three inches long, the 8 BitDoo Zero 2 is the smallest gaming console I’ve ever seen. Despite this, it does not seem cheap. The cover is made of hard plastic that feels durable in the hand, and the two I’ve found match the blue and yellow variants of the Nintendo Switch Light. I also found wrist straps so that it was difficult to lose, although I think some players would place Zero 2 directly on the keychain for easy access.

At a glance, you might think that this is an official Nintendo accessory, and its buttons are comparable to Nintendo’s proprietary products. The directional pad is fantastic, with just the right “click”, and the face buttons are large enough to avoid making mistakes. The shoulder buttons are much harder to press than the rest of the console, though I eventually learned to adapt.

The compact size of the 8 bitdu Zero 2 is a big selling point, and it works mostly in favor of consoles. Since it does not have a pro stick, your thumbs bump into each other during normal gameplay. The tablet-shaped design is easy to carry and the texture of the buttons makes them easy to distinguish. The select and start buttons perform several functions between the face button and the directional pad.

This is good news. Bad news It is still a very small console, and you will start to feel jealous after using Zero 2 for an extended gaming session.

It’s not a problem if you and your friends pull the console out for a fast-paced Mario Kart 8 Deluxe session, but something bigger is required for a marathon, even if it is as simple as Super Mario Bros. ‘

The small size of the Zero 2 also means that it does not include the Share or Home buttons found on the standard Nintendo Switch Joy-Con console. For the latter, pressing the directional pad and pressing the select button is the workaround, but you won’t be able to capture the gameplay using Zero 2.

As an alternative to the ZR and ZL buttons, which must be pressed simultaneously to suspend play in the Nintendo Switch online game locker, you should press Select and Start at the same time. This was stopped during revision testing, but if your version installed less than v1.04, a firmware update could be done to fix this.

On the switch, I had no issue plugging in the Zero 2 by following the included instructions. 8BitDaw estimates that the battery will last approximately 8 hours, which is, surprisingly, less time than the original Zero console. This should be plenty of time to play between charging sessions, and the included micro-USB cable allows you to do this directly from the switch dock.

Although the controller cannot wake the switch on its own, it is their only limitation for the controller. It was apparently designed with the switch in mind.

I can’t say the same for Steam, as I ran into several compatibility issues when trying to connect Zero 2 to my Mac. Steam records all functions of the console without any problems, as well as buttons, but the games I’ve tried have not always worked well. Guacamelee! I worked after disposing of some kinks in the configuration when I was not touching the gamepad yet, but others either had no job, limited functionality, or registered entry.

On my PC, these were not issues, and I was able to play the console in multiple games without any type of reset. However, when the Mac is listed as a supported system in the user guide, it would be nice to just work for the console.

The 8BitDo Zero 2 is an excellent portable super console for playing simple games on the Nintendo Switch, and its design makes it perfect for a combination of Nintendo players. Thanks to the cool buttons and durable look, it allows you to have your console ready at any time. Just keep the switch on, because this controller works best.

Not on the Nintendo Switch. However, PC and Mac operators can gain access to improved functionality with improved performance if they are not concerned about portability. The battery lasts about 8 hours on a single charge, and its durable design does not look like it will break. Gamepads are generally reliable and wearable, depending on how often they are used.

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