Watchman Film Review

Watchman Film Review

An ambitious Kid, Who’s all set to Have engaged to his ladylove in a few hours, Has trapped at a secluded bungalow and faces death threat in Various Ways

The narrative of watchman unfolds at a day’s time – that the protagonist (GV Prakash), who’s trying hard to repay the borrowed sum from a loan shark, is in love with a woman (Samyuktha Hegde). Her parents cover a surprising visit to his house and choose a engagement date. Unexpectedly, a puppy comes as a large hurdle in his manner. But little does he know it is seeking help from him to save its master, who’s being chased with a couple of dreaded terrorists.

The plot provides great extent for a gripping action thriller. However, the screenplay looks rushed and ends up as a half-baked effort. GV Prakash and Suman are apt in their own functions, but others don’t have a lot to do.

The greatest plus of the film, besides its technical elements, is its length. The cinematography and audio assist particular strings stand out and bring about the essential disposition. The functioning of the puppy is just another highlight, and the actions scenes are adequate. On the other hand, the shortage of depth in characters create the whole collection of events unappealing as audiences hardly get the time to empathise with them.

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