Video 10 CRO Truth Bombs That Will Change the Way You Think

A few months ago we did a webinar with Larry Kim, the founder of Wordstream and the great unicorn marketer. Larry has managed billions in advertising spending, which you can think of – from pay-per-click advertisements to paid subscriptions, will improve conversions. I think it’s safe to say that no one else on this planet has more experience in “conversion trenches” than Larry.

Sean: All right. So today we are doing a special webinar. We do not do many webinars here in Crazy Egg, but today we are bombing 10 conversion rate Truths that will change your way of thinking. And I’m really really excited for it. Larry Kim is our presenter and you can know him from Wordstream and now he is with Mobile Monkey. I’m really excited to see what truth bomb he reveals.

We have a running hashtag for this webinar, #CrazyEggTruthBombs, so if you’re on Twitter you can follow there. And my name is Sean Work, sorry, I should have introduced myself, I’m the VP of Inbound Marketing here at Crazy Egg and I want to discuss with you some of the new features released this year before we leave Very exciting here. We release the editor, which allows you to make changes with your website, without having to code or use a developer, you can just click on a text, edit, and Can change. Which leads us to A / B testing which is our other feature that we released which you can now do A / B testing to see the changes that performed best.

And finally we have recordings that allow you to record visitors using your website, end-users, and you can see what they are doing and maybe what they stumble upon, Which buttons they are not seeing or clicking. To help you create a better user experience and perhaps test those and see which versions performed better.

So these are the really exciting features that we released this year in Crazy Egg.

Larry: Hey Shawn, just one other question. What was the hashtag for this event today?

Shawn: What we’re doing right now is coming back here and it’s #CrazyEggTruthBombs and I’m going to type it in the chat here so you all can see it.

Okay. So yeah, we had a bit of a technical hiccup here – starting from here, we didn’t have the screen showing the right screen, but now I’m going to switch the presenter to Larry Kim and he’s going to blow your mind 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Truth Bomb.

Larry: All right. So let’s start now. very nice. Thanks, Sean. And thank you all for coming today. We are talking about 10 crazy CRO true bombs that will change your life forever. And it’s been years since we’ve done a webinar together, so it’s great to re-screen.

All right, so just killing things, there was once a magical landing page kingdom with a princess with a magical landing page that kept a dark secret. And the secret was that his conversion rate was terrible. It was like 1% or 2%. And sure enough, the king and queen of the kingdom sent an official decree searching for the CRO that could help fix this unfortunate situation.

And, the CRO Guru showed it at the door step or their drawbridge or whatever and they said something like this – I’m sure you’ve heard this before. If you have heard this before, message me in chat. If you change one of these things like the color of the button, or the image, or the text, or the font, or the location or whatever, then adequately, you’ll see a 5% increase in conversions.

And the thing about these small tests is that if you can get a 3%, 4%, 5% benefit per test and if you can do one test per week, it can result in a lot of conversions, maybe 1264% exceeded 12 -mound period and boom, conversation rate is like the broken windows theory of optimization if you want.

And the problem with this theory is all lies. In reality what happens if you start doing enough of these tests – the problem here is that Gaines’ system persists, so it usually does, this is a very common scenario where you thought that you n / B doing the test. And by the way, I know that it is not statistically significant or whatever. Trust me, this is a statistically significant test, you can do this with at least 5 conversations with 200 visitors.

So we have a lot more visitors and conversions in this conversion A / B test. And what originally happened was at the beginning of the first week, there was a clear winner, but then the initial edge disappeared, it faded in a way, overtime much later, much later than when the winner was declared In.

And so Gains, they just didn’t release and when you got out in like two weeks the loser became the winner. And if you are not confident about yourself, it happens all the time, it is very simple.

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