Venkatesh, Naga Chaitanya discuss Venky Mama, multi-starrers

Venkatesh, Naga Chaitanya discuss Venky Mama, multi-starrers

Venkai Mama starring Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya is a rare occurrence in Telugu cinema where the lines between real life and reel life are hidden.

The film features his nephew’s real pair who played the same character in a fantasy world, though both actors say that the image on screen is just as real.

From the beginning, it was a huge responsibility. Since I collaborated with my niece for a full feature film for the first time, we wanted to do it right and didn’t want it to look like we weren’t doing enough to do it, “Venkatesh says.

However, Naga Chaitanya was part of another movie in Manam, where he teamed up with his father (Nagarjuna) and his grandfather (ANR). Monam was a unique scene and evolved biologically.

It looks like we are consciously searching for this text, but when it came out we knew it was the right thing to do. Likewise Finki Mama also happened biologically.

“My uncle Suresh Babu has been telling my stories for a while,” says Chania surviving. “When the Winky Mama came, we all knew we had something interesting to say.”

Venkatesh and Naga Chitanya had previously collaborated on the Telugu version of Prem. However, Venkatesh played only a cameo in the movie.

The collaboration of the actors in the feature film, at one point, has become a necessity for almost a decade. It was also one of the last dreams of Venkatesh’s father, the late Di Ramanido, who died in 27 years.

A while back, author Janardana Maharshi presented a story to Sureshwabu, who went through a lot of development before it finally took shape all

The idea that Janardana Maharshi had, was a great idea, but a lot of work needs to be done to develop it properly.

Subsequently, the writer and director, KS Rabindra, came to write the treatment and slowly, we can see that the film’s spread and size has increased much more than what was initially.

With these changes the image extension has increased a lot. It has taken a long time, but we are all happy with the movie.

I think we made a meaningful movie in a responsible way, and it would also be a good treat for the audience who were eager to watch me and Chitanya live together. ”

While the lead actors are ashamed to reveal a lot about the movie, Naga Chaitanya admits that one of the main things that hangs him in the movie is the villain in the story.

“The story’s villain has no face. The story is about your zodiac and how it presents unique challenges and obstacles in the life of a man and his nephew, and how they have overcome all this. It was very unique.

There is a lot of love and sacrifice in the story, and the underlying passion for what one does for his family shows very well, ”the actor revealed.

The idea of ​​the zodiac sign to portray the villain has, at least recently, been an objective element of interest in Telugu cinema, and Venkatesh says it adds a new level of storytelling. People are impatient nowadays.

If you don’t give them a reason to stick to the screen, they simply ignore them.

The movie script is designed so that the audience guesses what will happen next, and in a village near Pimabaram, there will be many plots about why my character goes to Kashmir in search of his nephew.

The difference between these two stages of my character’s journey was also a difficult task for me. ”

The likelihood of collaborating with his uncle in a movie may seem equally interesting and great, but Chetania added that he was aware of the work they were doing and that meant being loyal to their work.

My uncle saw me grow up in childhood. It has been a guiding force throughout my life and over the years it has never changed for the better.

But at the same time, I know that he does his job with a certain sense of discipline and people respect him very much.

This is no different than Venkatesh, who says he has always been protecting his nephew.

“That’s normal, isn’t it? He’s in my nephew! We all want him to do well in his life, settle well, make good progress in his career, and be happy.”

I think you are a happier person when you want to see better things happen to others.

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