Upgrading Brand Recognition to a No Way Checklist 2020

Basically, it takes from 5 to 7 impressions for the possibility of remembering your brand. About 75% of shoppers say they love companies that provide excellent technical support. No wonder, people want to make sure they can get help anytime. This is why it is important to add contact information for web page design. It should be easily noticed. I recommend you to add links with header and footer.

Another must have is a quick contact form.

Use it in your site design so that customers can contact you anytime. With this, you let people know about their opinion. However, website creation is not the only way for people to notice your services. The same survey also shows that promoting a brand on various platforms can increase sales by up to 23%. This is why the business 002 theme comes with Google Ad Optimization.

Would you like to make your business memorable?

Don’t miss my quick marketer’s statistics checklist at the end of the post. And here is what you should know when looking for promotional campaign tools. The color you use influences how people will remember the brand. You can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. For this you just have to choose the right color schemes.

Even today blue is the most popular color for brand recognition projects.

All the top companies in the world include blue for their logo design. It makes up 33% of all leading brands. Would you like to join their list?  There is a lot of blue in the products included in the pack but you can change it if you want. All images are flexible and highly versatile. This means that anyone can customize the font, size, color, and other item descriptions.

Everyone does their business online as eCommerce offers many advantages.

It appeared to be the most attractive business model in 2019, and not without reason. Just compare these digits. Online sales reached 600 billion in 2011. Now this number rose to about 2 trillion. Below you can see the main reason that people enjoy buying goods online.

50% of business owners rely on marketing strategies in 2019.

I think there should be many more brands to take care of their reputation. However, you can use it to increase leads. All in all, can you imagine a famous brand with no marketing material? Business people around the world spend crazy money on their promos. So, what can you do to get more customers before 2020?

Without a doubt, business cards should be a tool for any business niche.

Nowadays everything has gone digital. You do not need to pay a designer to get a professional campaign. Fashion Store is a complete business card template pack. Although products are multifunctional, they ideally meet the needs of creative people. You get elements in all popular formats. In addition, the images inside Fashion Sense are print-to-print.

Do you know that symmetry is best among things used for a brand name?

More than 70% of the top notch companies choose them. Okay, you don’t need to follow them in everything but there are many things that no brand owner can avoid. For example, designing professional travelers. Nothing will be complicated.

To cut a long story short, the brand is a light flickr pack.

The set comes to creative business, but not only. It suits both large and small companies. According to traditions, the components in the pack are fully customizable. You can work with them in Adobe Photoshop (minimum CS3 to open). On average, you get 4 stylish color variants with editable texts and schemes.

Brand – Best Creative Business Flyer

In this case check out this striking colorful business flyer. In fact, many company owners don’t realize how important it is to use flying now. The thing is that even a small 1-3% promo campaign increase can bring you hundreds of new prospects.


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