Unlock your creativity 20 tips and books

I think everyone has to face a situation when you are not motivated for creation, when you think that you are not creative and when you run out of ideas. If you want to unlock your creativity, you have to understand yourself, your way of working, your habits, your flaws and your motivators, your idols, whom you admire. If you think creative activities are not for you, think about this interesting fact:

A study of 300 senior citizens of George Washington University found that “creative activities, such as art and writing, slow down the aging process.” Results in fewer visits to the doctor and better mental health. Everybody can be creative! All creative and talented people have some common practices and right now we will look at them to help you unlock your creativity. .


Set a goal, determine what to do and what to do regardless of the hours you spend on this task. Instead of calculating the hours worked during the week, you work while focusing on your goals. It proves that it is much more productive and inspiring.

2. Flexibility

The working day, nine to six, was designed with an idea in mind, so that everyone was doing everything at the same time; People will answer the phone, and everyone can work together. Of course this depends on your position and role in the company, but if you don’t need to be in the office 8 hours a day, don’t be! Do not force yourself to work 8 hours if you have a headache or are not motivated. I’ll be the stock anyway.

You can work 5 hours on a Monday, but then if you go to a beautiful place with an incredible view on Thursday, you will probably be in the mood to make and sometimes it takes more than 8 hours. Most creative people in the world have not kept simple for about 8 hours. Typically, opening hours are a common theme among creative people.

For example, Emanuel Kant used to get up at 5 am every morning to start work, and most writers find an awakened mind for creation. Lately, later hours are more general I should say, especially among creative people in the design industry or developers. But basically, the most important thing is that if the option is available to you, then work whenever you feel is best. It can happen early in the morning, or it can happen overnight, but finding the right routine for your brain is most important to get out of your abilities and unlock your creativity.

3. Rust

The most creative people throughout history have always known that resting and playing for the mind is as important as working for it. Unfortunately, modern life seems to reward those who are work-machines. We recognize those who work for an entire hour and focus solely on it. Although they can succeed quickly, such people will burn out in the long run.

And in most cases these kinds of people work on non-creative works, mostly on regular people, I’d say. Your brain and body need time to reproduce and relax in order to come up with the best ideas and be the most creative. You can set a rule for yourself, for example whatever. I need a 1 hour break for lunch, 3 hours to rest and go out of the office / house and sleep at least 8 hours a day needed. Everyone has different ways to relax, but the main idea is this.

4. Confidence

The concept of creativity is often intimately associated with art, and we can actually count with our fingers that people are considered creative within society. I think almost everyone has significant creative potential, and it is just the lack of practice and confidence that holds them back. This belief was usually instigated early in life when he was told that his thoughts were not just good.

Most people have zero confidence in their creative abilities and this is the main reason for their failure. Rest assured, you have a second breath, work on your child’s work, letting you tell the world about yourself. If you don’t believe in your work, who will? You are what you make, you know what is behind your art, tell people about it. Art is very subjective, you will always have haters and lovers. Focus on lovers, find soulmates, believe in yourself.

5. Change of person

Change the place where you work, work from the office, work from home, work from the cafeteria, work near the sea, in the forest, watch the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening . Change the work environment, it enhances creative thinking, it helps to unlock your creativity.

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