Typography in Modern Web Design

Typography helps to create an experience for the reader or user before clicking on a button. This goes beyond choosing weights and sizes for some letters, the typology includes many components such as point size selection, stroke length, spacing, and more.

Communication plays an important role in UX design. Therefore, you need a solid understanding of typography and why we have some typography trends this year. As Oliver Reichenstein stated in his essay, “Web design is 95% typography”.

Optimization of typography is improving readability,

accessibility, usability, overall graphic balance. In this article I want to discuss with you this year’s typography trends. By reading this article, you will hope that you will be inspired and explore the typography trends, which give rewards to websites. It is also important that you do not jump too far into typography trends. You really need to analyze the internal and external factors to choose the right one for you, also think about the long term strategy. Typography is something that you cannot change very often. Do not forget about keeping your personal identity.


This trend is going to happen here in the coming years. Scripts are one of the traditional types that have appeared in a variety of fashionable initiatives.

2. Water

Watercolor styles are attractive because they feel handcrafted, making the design look special and unique.

3. Big and Bold

Big and bold typography makes a message powerful. With this trend, you can see a word that fills the whole screen and you love it. Gone are the days when all typography had to be short and you needed to explain your brand with words. not anymore. Now you can say everything by choosing the right typography and color. No more essays needed. Typography can say a lot about you;

Whether you are elegant or hippy, your serious or funny, feminine or masculine, etc. UX designers typically use large full-screen images with large and bold typography. And when done well they can look great. An example might be Hudson; Good choice if you want to follow this trend.

4. Hand-drill type

Hand-drawn typeface is on the rise as a powerful alternative. Some are actually hand crafted and some stock fonts are modified to look hand drawn. Either way, they add a personal touch. It is unique because it is capable of sending messages about the organization behind it. You will not see a lot of hand drawn fonts in the corporate world, but you will see a lot of them in the service industries.

Again, authenticity should be a big one for most brands these days and one of the effective ways to offer that authentic vibe is to use a hand-crafted type. The nature of handmade lettering connects most customers, because people love nature, so it is worth trying. Typefaces, such as Reusk, can be an excellent starting point.

5. See photo

This is one you see every day on social media, usually involving a quote on some nature scene on inspirational memories. As a web design technique, photo overlays also became very popular. It is very important to understand here that you are working with a photo background, this means that you should keep the text to a minimum.

6. Geographic Design

The geometric fonts themselves are growing, you can read an article about it here. Take Jova’s approach as an example of how cool geometric type can occur in the right context.

7. Serif

This is a basic example of one of those basics, and it works because serif fonts are elegant, readable, and clean.


A specific type of serif, slab serif, is also gaining popularity. Due to the high resolution capabilities, slab serifs can achieve boldness without stating practicality, stability, reliability. The slab serif can serve as a solid foundation for the landing page.

9. Creative Use of SIMPLE

Creativity is sometimes required when you play with typography. A lot of designers have taken the most basic fonts and made them memorable and creative, it’s just a matter of mixing things together, making it consistent and personal, showing their brand identity. And yes, people like simplicity.

10. Retro

Retro design styling is one of the hottest trends of the year with various fonts mixed in. It has always been common in every art to look to the past for inspiration to use certain elements and to put them into the modern world. It gives a sense of an interesting combination of melancholy and futurism at the same time.

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