Samsung wants to take your order. The perfectly adequate Galaxy Tab Active 2 tablet (9419.99) is designed for restaurants, hospitals, delivery companies, sales centers and other places where people with your business are asking you to sign the dotted line. Samsung charges a tough, pen-capable nature but it can pay off over time with reliability.

Physical design

The main strength of the Tab Active 2 is its durability. The IP68 5.0 by 8.5 inches measures 0.4 inch (HWD) and 14.8 ounces, is water and shock resistant and comes in a rubber case so the new high-density S Pen is in position. Below is a speaker (not too loud) and a USB-C connector.

The 8-inch and 1280 x 800 IPS LCD screen with 189 pixels per inch is not too expensive.

If you use a high-density screen, you’ll see some mystery around the edges of the text.

But it is bright enough for outdoor use and has a glove position that allows it to be used with heavy gloves (standard mode works well with latex or nitrail gloves).

On one end, there is a pop-port connector with many third-party connections, all typically designed to launch a group project, usually related to healthcare or public safety.

Portsmouth’s five-unit charging cradle costs $ 299, for example, RAM mounted vehicles cost $ 59.49.

We dropped the tablet and covered it and got it to keep its promise. He escaped five feet on the hard rubber floor in computer labs with no problems and had no problem under a bucket of cold water in 30 minutes.

The sturdy home and back buttons, as well as the physical S Pen, ensure basic navigation and document signatures with gloves or when the touch screen is compromised by water.

If you disassemble the tablet, you need to remove the case for drying and wait for the “moisture in the USB port” warning.

I waited about 40 minutes for a few explosions from a commercial hand dryer to disappear before speeding up. The elbow plug attachment was very nice.

The tablet comes with a one year warranty. Samsung’s three-year warranty is $ 69.99 or $ 9149.99 due to accidental damage.

Android and performance

Tab Active 2 runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat on Samsung Exynos 7870 1.6GHz processor with 3GB of RAM.

It includes 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi with gyroscope, GPS, NFC (for mobile payments), and Bluetooth 4.2. The 4,450mAh battery can be removed, and there is space underneath the back cover to complement the available storage capacity of 10.9GB for a microSD memory card.

The tablet runs the Samsung Knox suite of secure management and business publishing applications.

The performance is not inspiring not that we got 3871 in Pismarck and 728/3715 on Gikbench 4 This It dropped the Active 2 performance to $ 100 to $ 200 more than Android tablets but less than mid-range smartphones like the Motorola G5S Plus and Samsung. The back of the advanced tablet is the Galaxy Tab S3.

The basemark web score of 55.18 is very low, as a result of the on-screen GFXbench car chase graphics for just 3.7fps. 3GB of RAM allows us to switch between about six apps before losing our space or our saved status.

S Pen, on the other hand, punches above his weight. Since it is an active and proprietary pen, it is stop and pressure sensitive and is completely reliable and does not need to be charged.

The experience of signing or taking note of a document on this tablet is more accurate and frustrating than capacitive or finger-based tablets.

Lastly, this would mean: not playing games on this tablet. Don’t use it for heavy office work or creativity. Use it to fill out forms, process claims, or take pictures of injuries you send to a screening unit.

Battery life is good. Our extensive battery test streams YouTube video with a screen that is extremely intense, with maximum brightness.

We got 5 hours 55 minutes, which looks like if you want to use the tablet without charging for a long day, you may want to replace some spare batteries.

However in a dark restaurant, for example, the screen will be turned off, which will push the tablet to the screen for at least 8 hours.

Our $ 419.99 model includes dual-band Wi-Fi, which shows average performance. This means that it will basically work well on AT&T and T-Mobile networks, though both speed and coverage will be less than the latest smartphones.

The tablet has an 8-megapixel main camera with flash and a 5-megapixel front camera. Both are good for tablet cameras.

More disturbingly, they should be very stable in low light to prevent blurry images, which may affect their use at night in dark or outdoor restaurants.