Top Optoma WU336 projector for money projector

Top Optoma WU336 projector for money projector

Optoma W336 is a brand new home and office projector with compact form factor and standard design. Projectors in India display at Amazon 92,779 and can display 1920 x 1200 images (WXXGA).

I have been experimenting with Optoma WU 336 for the past few weeks, especially for watching movies as my own projector and watching my favorite computer series on live broadcasting platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. Here’s what I think in the latest offer from Optoma.

Design and aesthetics

The Optoma W336 comes in plain white with a plastic unibody design that gives the projector an elegant and elegant look. Optoma WU336 makes great choices for both professional and personal use of design. I had no issues with the general fit and finish of the product.

However, the audit unit I received was physically damaged (the exterior cap was buzzed), it is unlikely to come up with a retail unit.

The Optoma WU 336 comes with a great thermal solution to keep the projector cool and silent even after continuous use.

During my testing period, I turned on the projector for five hours longer than an extension and the projector did not show excess heat.

However, with continuous use the monitor becomes somewhat noisy (common to most monitors in this class). Overall, the Optoma WU336 is a precisely designed projector and can last longer.

The sound projector comes with a built-in 10 watt speaker, enough for a small room. The projector’s built-in amplifier outputs rich sound with no distorted sound (less than 80% of volume).

However, increasing the volume up to 100% will push the speaker in the direction, as the amplifier in the vocabulary becomes somewhat of a significance.

If you plan to purchase Optoma WU 336 for a movie theater, I suggest you get an external amplifier that will enhance your multimedia consumption experience.

Projection quality Optoma WU336 is a WUXGA monitor that can display resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels (just over 1080 pixels). W UGGA projector offers more wide screen real estate, cinematic style resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels compared to FHD projector.

Optoma WU 336 is a lamp projector with 15,000 lamp life in Eco + mode with minimum brightness, and the lamp can save up to 3,500 hours of lamp life in bright mode (100% brightness 3400 ANSI lumens).

The Echo + works well in a dark room, while on the other hand is more ideal for standard rooms, including Bright or Echo windows and doors. The projector can display native 1080p content via the HDMI (with audio) port, and for the most part I have no problem with the bulk image quality.

However, sometimes, I find that the colors reproduced on the monitor are a bit more satisfying than I intended. There is also a dedicated USB port, which can be used to connect pen drives and hard drives to play movies and videos directly from the projector.

Note that the video format supported on Optoma WU336 is somewhat limited and does not support all video formats.

The projector supports 1.3x zoom, which is very useful; Even after displaying 100 inch images I have never had a problem with image quality.

The Optoma WU336 is a well-priced device with a compact form factor.

It comes with premium design and modern connectivity features, and the built-in amplifier is an added advantage.

If you are looking for a home entertainment projector, the Optoma WU336 will definitely select all the boxes.

Some of the new players in the market are Shaomi, Thomson, TCL, Sharp, etc. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Pro was recently launched in the Indian market, Thomson launched 4 inch UD9 TV in the country on 4 inch Android.

With the launch of the latest 4QHD TVs, Thomson is about to disrupt the nation’s affordable smart TV sector.

Thomson partnered with e-commerce giant Flipkart to sell and distribute the latest 4K Android Smart TVs in the country.

Thomson 4K Android Smart TV will be available in India from 16th March. It will retail for Rs 20,999 making it as a smart TV offering 40 inch 4K display in this first price range.

We attended the launch event and started using TV for a short time; This is our first impression of the latest Thomson 4K Smart TV.

Design: Light Thin Edge Thomson Thompson Develops Using a Minimal 40-Inch 4QHD TV Plastic That Looks Like Average Manufacturing Quality.

At the same time, it is important to consider the price it sells for displaying the UHD resolution. The edges around the screen are a bit thicker; About 1cm above and a little more on the chin.

The Thompson logo is included in the center of the plate below. The smart TV is somewhat designed, though there is still room for improvement.

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