Top Most Common Water and Wader Birds Of India – 2

Top Most Common Water and Wader Birds Of India – 2

Top Most Common Water and Wader Birds Of India

  • Painted Stork

Painted stork is one of the largest wading bird discovered in India,habitate from the wetlands and the plains of Himalayas from the subcontinent. All these are one of those large and colourful birds,nest near human. Famous cave website is villages of Kokrebellur, Uppalapadu village and Veerapura.

  • Grey Heron

Grey heron is a really long-legged predatory wading bird of India, can be easily found around lakes, ponds, rivers and marshes. This large bird has largely ashy-grey plumage and can be located anywhere with suitable watery habitat.

  • Barn Swallows

Barn swallow is a species of swallow and a distinguishing passerine bird. The barn swallow is a bird that many likely to favored habitat using water,meadows and farmland.

  • Indian Pond Heron

Indian pond heron is small heron species, widespread and generally found at the border of small water-bodies and near to human habitations. They have exceptional camouflage however they are extremely frequent in India in watered lawns,marshy wetland and even dry grassland.

  • Indian Black Ibis

Indian black ibis is popularly referred to as red-naped ibis, most commonly seen in the plains of the Indian Subcontinent. The habitats of Black Ibis bird is available lakes, marshes, riverbeds,wetlands and irrigated farmlands.

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