Top Most Common Water and Wader Birds Of India – 1

Top Most Common Water and Wader Birds Of India

  • Little Egret

Egret is one of those several herons located in India,eastern great egret,Small egret and Intermediate egret being others. All these are medium-sized heron birds using striking white plumage,most commonly found throughout the breeding season,rainy season and always available around the water bodies.

  • River Tern

Indian river tern is a resident breeder bird of India along inland rivers into freshwater lake and tidal creeks. This medium-sized tern can be place easily with dark black upperparts gray color and long tail,feeds by plunge-diving for fish or aquatic bugs.

  • White Breasted Waterhen

White-breasted waterhen is one of those manhood of waterbird widely dispersed across the Indian Subcontinent. They often found near freshwater,brackish water and also volcanic Barren Island in the Andamans.

  • Black-Winged Stilt

Black-winged stilt is a really long-legged wader bird,mainly eat insects and crustaceans out of marshes, shallow lakes and ponds. These birds also pick up their meals from sand or water,frequently nest in small groups.

  • Indian Openbill

Indian Openbill are referred to as Asian Openbill is one of those manhood of stork family,located mainly from the Indian subcontinent. The Asian openbill resides around water in wetlands area and the breeding season is after the rains.