It is hard to deny the winds of change that have been blowing over the smart TV ecosystem in the past 12 months. And the best news we’ve come up with is that really good smart TV is becoming affordable.

In fact, if you want a 55-inch TV, you can choose from several options, such as a 4K panel, HDR capabilities, and the ability to run smart apps, at a price of less than Rs 50,000.

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to reach such a deal. There are a lot of brands that we must give.

Xiaomi, Sanyo, Kodak and Vu are some of the brands that come to mind. But all this is fine and until the German-owned German television brand Metz appears in the picture, it is worth it.

The game turns its head, especially once you experience the latest Infinity range of smart TVs. To be specific, we’re talking about the latest 4K TV lineup.

The Metz TV range offers two 4K options – one at 55 inches and the other at 50 inches. The price of MG50G2 is Rs 36,990 while the price of MG55G2 is Rs 42,990.

Now is great pricing. I think Xiaomi’s highly efficient Mi TV is the closest to the beauty of this Metz in terms of competition – because not all TVs and the experiences they offer are the same.

The Xiaomi holds you closest to the 55-inch screen. It’s a Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55 priced at Rs 39,999. Currently, the 50-inch option is not 4K, but only Full HD.

Let’s take a look at the main specifications in Metz TV, 50 inches and 55 inches 4K. For starters, you can get the full Google Android TV platform as the basis for a smart TV experience.

This means you basically download and use popular streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Zee 5, Sony Liv, Hooke and more.

Although Amazon Prime Video is not available in the Play Store for a bad reason, you can easily remove the Android TV version from the app and it works primarily after you sign in to your account. Metz LED panels with these TVs are first class in quality and viewing experience.

I was very impressed with the excellent Metz 65Q4A TV last year, and this time, everything is better.

The remote has shortcuts for voice commands, Netflix apps, and Google Play Movies. The TV also supports DTS Trusurround sound.

Many affordable TVs have led us to cheat in the past – it became quite clear that the display panel that many of them use is not good enough in terms of color display, skin color, angles and contrast. Non.

This is where Metz has always influenced

The panels used are extremely high quality, and the company has no indication that they are trying to save money on a more important advantage than others. The LED panel features 3840 x 2160 resolution and also supports HDR.

The first time you see something on it, you’ll immediately notice how bright this panel is and how clear the display is.

This is the time when you will enter the list of fairly detailed picture settings and then adjust them to suit your viewing needs. And everything is getting better as well.

There is a feature called Trochilus Extreme Picture Engine, which uses complex machine learning algorithms to change the scene as well as explore the structure of the scene, continuously controlling contrast, skin color and color accuracy.

Connect your Android Metz M55G2 TV with your Nvidia Shield console for 4K HDR and Sony PlayStation 4 gaming content, all in all.

The way Metz TV manages the handling of high-resolution and low-resolution content on 4K panels makes the investment worth it. There are no visual disturbances or artifacts with pictures.

Whether it’s a movie or TV show that has bright and rich scenes or something that moves more quickly like an action movie or a football match, the details are never compromised.

At any time, we did not notice any tearing or judge – this happens on televisions with panels struggling to match the content requirements frame.

If you compare it to Sony Bravia 4K and Samsung 4K LED TV, the detailed and friendly image reproduced by Metz M55G2 4K Android TV is close to the last – and it is definitely the best thing to do.

One of Netbook I have is that when accessing broadcast applications from the TV, there is no way to access the picture settings at the time – at least we can not find.

I wanted this option, because I like to twist the image as long as I want to.

While Metz and Mi TV manage the full Google Android TV platform, the latter has not yet been done without Netflix support.

M55G2 4K Android TV Netflix is ​​preloaded, and you can download every live streaming app available on the Google Play Store for Android TV devices.

For some reason, Amazon Prime Video refuses to show it on the Play Store on your TV, but you can just download it and ignore it on your TV – a box that’s also closed.

Now you have all the broadcast apps ready for you

For someone who cut the wire on a separate DTH connection, this feature really means a lot.

If you dream of having only one remote to watch your TV, it may also happen. The built-in speakers on the Metz M55G2 4K Android TV are much better than I expected.

In fact, you can also perform low frequencies separately, which is a welcome feature when watching movies.

For most visual scenarios, you can do a very good job without the presence of speakers or a home theater system (and a remote control comes as a necessary addition).

As far as design goes, the Metz M55G2 4K Android TV is a look. Will be at home in your living room, rest assured.