Top Historical Temples of Karnataka – 3

Aghoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri
Aghoreshwara Temple at Ikkeri is a large structure constructed of granite, situated in Sagara taluk. The temple has carvings and sculptures around the stone walls of this temple.

Someshwara Temple, Kolar
Lord Someshwara Temple at Kolar city of Karnataka is dedicated to Lord Shiva and a monument of national importance. The temple is currently protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Dodda Basappa Temple, Dambal
Doddabasappa Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the wall of shrine has decorative architrave with space for images. The temple has two doorways and a significant bull Nandi statue.

Banashankari Temple, Amargol
Banashankari Temple at Amargol is ancient temple dedicated to Banashankari,located between Dharwad and Hubli. The temple is currently belongs to Archaeological Survey of India.

Chandramouleshwara Temple, Hubli
Chandramouleshwara Temple at Unkal is a must see place in Karnataka near the Unkal Lake. The temple is located in the Hubli Dharwad area and famous for beautiful natural scene,picnic area and ancient temple of Chandramouleshwara.

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