Top Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones

Top Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones

Blavunkt, marketed in India by Envent Worldwide (known for its affordable audio products), caught sight of us last year with our genuine BTW-01 wireless earphones, which we consider to be one of the best genuine wireless earphones we can buy with the lowest prices after that. Curry caught the money. 5000.

Today, we are reviewing the back of these headphones, BluePunk BTW Pro.

At the rate of 5 bucks. 6,999, the Blapunk BTW Pro is more expensive than the BTW-01, but it promises something more to justify.

The major improvement here is the support for the Qualcomm APTX Bluetooth Codec, which promises better quality data when using compatible devices.

There are more to these genuine wireless headphones as well; Find out everything about Blapunk BTW Pro in our review.

Design and specification for Bluepunkt BTW Pro

The true wireless headphone chip has been a long way from the past year, but the blueprint design has not.

BluePunk BTW Pro headphones are very similar to BTW-01 headphones; Although the regular look and basic design can be forgiven at an affordable place a year ago, we expect more in 2020.

The dull, dull boring plastic for your headphones and the charging case from BTW Pro make it cheaper, and obviously worth Rs. 7000 should be your purchase.

The earphones are similar to the SchoolCandy Indie earphones inspired by Apple AirPods; The torso extends from each and there is a primary microphone at the bottom, with a second microphone near the top of each one.

The earphones fit inside the kennel but have very few tips that don’t sit very securely in our ears or give us the best level of sound cleansing.

Each earphone has a touch sensitive area on the outside that can be used to control playback and volume in Blueprint BTW Pro; Single tap on both sides sets the volume, double click the music to play or pause, and the long press will move to the track Next or Previous

You can call a voice assistant on a smartphone by triple-clicking on the right ear eyepiece.

The gesture controls were easy enough for us to master and we appreciated our ability to control the volume on the headphones itself.

Either the earphone can be used independently, but in order for it to work, both have to be paired separately with the smartphone.

We have found that this sometimes causes communication problems; Sometimes only one earphone works, while the other fails to retain the name of the ‘slave’ earpiece.

Leaving a device paired with a smartphone has the best results in terms of stability and speed.

Although our review unit is gray-black, the Bluepunk BTW Pro sold on Amazon is only available in plain black.

The earphones are rated IPX7 for water resistance and should be able to handle long-term water exposure comfortably.

The dual microphone system claims to improve the functionality of voice calls using environmental noise cancellation.

Blapunk BTW Pro’s charging case is made of plastic and doesn’t look good or good.

The earphones are comfortable inside the ear, and a small indicator light from the outside shows the charging status, but the micro-USB charging port is a major drawback here.

Many affordable manufacturers are already switching to USB Type-C, not surprisingly these headphones are compatible with micro-USB port at this price.

Blapunk BTW Pro uses Bluetooth 5 technology for communication and it supports Qualcomm Aptech and SBC Bluetooth codes.

The lack of AAC support is weird, and it means that these original wireless headphones are more suitable for use with Android smartphones that greatly support the Aptax codec.

The battery life of the BlauPunk BTW Pro is impressive, as earphones work for about seven hours at high volume before charging.

The charging case offers three full charges, giving about 28 hours of battery life per cycle

We absolutely loved the Blapunk BTW-01 earphones, so we were waiting to see what the company could do with better support for Bluetooth codecs.

However, although more expensive and paper-equipped than BTW Pro’s predecessor, our experience with it has not been entirely positive.

The new earphones look dated and awkward and certainly not as impressive as other products in the price category.

We originally used the OnePlus 7 Pro (modified) as a source device for testing blueprint BTW Pro headphones that benefited from the APTX codec.

We’ve used Spotify, YouTube Music and our range of HD audio tracks, and we’ve also tested performances using video and voice calls.

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