Most of us are accustomed to thinking about resolution in terms of TVs and displays, and judge it in terms of pixel density: smaller and larger pixels tend to produce clearer images.

Audio fidelity doesn’t work the same way because there’s no “fixed” sound track; Everything is temporary.

This is because the pulse response becomes ubiquitous with the reproduction of the sound: how will the inner speaker or diaphragm speaker return to full stops when the sound is made?

An extra bit of all headphones are unwanted once a note (due to physics) is turned on, and the best of them show the superiority by controlling it as much as possible.

That’s why I look for the exceptional Mr.Specker Ether 2 on this front. Their solution is so perfect that I initially thought they had something wrong.

While listening to music with them, I heard loud noises, loud sounds, and flaws from high headphones.

I’ve tried using a separate cable (MrSpeakers is still viable to use the same connector on all of his headphone models) and different audio sources, and still have some drawbacks and bumps.

Eventually, she took her husband to Dan Clark, Mr. Speakers, designer, engineer, chief marketer and company CEO.

Clark attached these to his desk, listened to the infringing clips, then reversed the left and right channels by connecting the cables to the “wrong” ear cups, and of course, I heard flaws on both sides of the music switch.

Simply put, Second Ether does such a clear job of reproducing an artist’s deliberate musical creativity, leaving the air and time to listen to some litters in the background.

I struggle to believe I’m saying it, but they did it better than Sennheiser’s HD 800S, which has long been considered (including me) on top of unlimited, highly detailed HD headphones.

Yes, I get the touch, but Mr. Speakers charges more than Sennheiser vs. the open back box, so it’s not surprising to have a basic expectation.

In addition to being extremely curved, 2s ether can also be tuned with expert ears. Neither did any of the bus or double bass songs, which goes a long way toward releasing everything a specific recording has to offer the audience.

Released by a tag called “Blackest Hour Black” and “Long Night Episode Throne”, they still have a deep bass stretch to completely rebuild an album like Rhyme Quarter Turns Over a Living Line.

If you want to sample different mold songs, haunting songs and rare musicals, I highly recommend it. This recording triggered 2 seconds of all Ether’s anxiety by saying it was provocative.

The music of Ludwig Guranson’s Oscar-winning Black Panther was one of my favorite albums lately, and one of those records that benefits the most from a pair of high-end headphones.

It happens a lot: retro clips of depressing rhythms, exciting orchestra moments, and songs streaming back and forth.

You can hear it using a pair of headphones, but the Ethers 2S and Audiz LCD-4GSE just stand behind my neck to hear the hair being made.

This is what audiobooks do to turn around in the end: do you feel a moment of excitement, trembling, joy or do you live out your daily interest? With 2 ethers, the answer is a reliable yes.

The marriage of Al-Athir 2 is broad in how it is built and looks. Weighing 290g / 10oz, it is unprecedented in the advanced headphones market.

Most headphone companies realize the need to provide you with a huge amount of content to cut your huge cash expenditures with monsters such as the ultimate audio D8000 emerging.

The Ether 2s are amazingly light as the Audio-Technica R70X and have a slim profile like this. Some of these headphones are formally priced in the form of a thousand dollars worth of performance.

A metal frame around ear cups, driver distraction on carbon fiber and similar nitinol headband that can be twisted and transformed in different ways and still remember its original shape, the materials are still of high quality. As for the shouting, literally not either. Zero.

I can go all day with 2s ether on my head without any headaches or discomfort. The towels are nice, soft and plump and light enough to forget the leather strap exposed on the top.

According to Clark, the goal of designing these headphones was to “forget” and finishing them low is a priority.

Ether2 has the best design for any high-end headphones I have tested so far (and I have kept almost all of them in my head, at some point).

Realizing that this slalom was mostly through affirmations, let me address directly to the slight downside of Ether 2. First, you will need a powerful amp to get the most out of these cans.

The flat magnetic technology of MrSpeaker has been improved, but it still requires a lot of energy to reach its full potential.

I was using Ether 2 originally with Scyty Jotunheim, which is pretty decent, but these headphones have huge headspace reserves for upgrading even more solid components.

In a nutshell: If you buy Ether2s, you are committed to getting a music source system at a similar cost. Like a luxury car with a fat insurance bill, this luxury item requires an extra expense that exceeds the cost of the poster.

This question is equally important whether you really want all these decisions. Some of my favorite artists include small-scale bedroom producers, who create music with headphones for just $ 200, and. Doesn’t worry about 2,000.

The Ether2S isn’t working too much into its creation, and there is plenty of pop, electronic and hiphop music, which I find to be sad, taking advantage of the distorted headphone staining effects.

While you might not want to get a 4K, 50-inch close-up of a veteran actor’s face, you can’t enjoy modern-day compressed music too much.

At the same time, 4K TVs are really great for natural documentaries, and Ether2s are also great when setting up some well-recorded audio or classical music.