When we first reviewed the Apple Pencil in 2015, it was a great achievement: one of the best Bluetooth pens we’ve seen before – built specifically for the iPad Pro.

More than two years later, the pencil is now working with schools’ 329th generation iPad, but that hasn’t changed.

The pen is still great for artists and professionals who are serious about the iPad. However, there are some tricks that have become less fascinating over time.

It’s still the best stylus for the iPad and iPad Pro, and it’s still our editors’ choice, but we’d like to see a design upgrade.

Designs, Pairs and Shipping

The pencil is 6.875 inches tall and weighs just 0.64 ounces.

It is a soft white plastic disc with a matte plastic head and a removable back cap with a power socket on the bottom.

Release any small metalwork and press the tip in the need for replacement.

The pencil is round, but fortunately, since it probably doesn’t roll it easily

Having said that, it is wrapped more easily than we would like. When one of our sixth grade pencils was in use, I dropped it off the table and walked into the embarrassing place under a desk.

As a keen capacitive pen user, he also complained that the pen was too long for his small hand.

In the box you get the pencil itself, which is an adapter that lets you charge it with a standard lightning cable (instead of directly on an iPad) and the option tip.

Easy to pair: Just add your pencil to your iPad’s power port and it’s plugged in. It must be made to work; This is not a standard capacitive pen.

The pencil itself is not a battery life index; You will find information on the iPad screen. To charge the pen, you can remove the back cover and attach it to the lightning port at the bottom of the iPad.

With the pencil coming out of the iPad in the right corner, it creates a very strange scene.

Fortunately, you can also use the supplied adapter to charge with a standard lightning cable.

However, there is nowhere to save the cap from the back of the pen when charging, which it can easily lose.

Apple says you can use 15 minutes and a full 12 hours with a 30 second charge. In the test, it took me about 5 minutes to charge about 25 percent. It reached full charge in about 25 minutes.


As an Apple Bonfire accessory, the wide compatibility of the pencil is one of its best strengths.

Pretty cool, every major creative and note-taking app on the iPad now works with Pencil, including Apple’s iWork suite with Apple.

Unlike third-party models, you don’t have to set up apps or search the settings menu: it just works

The matte tip has some cloud on the iPad screen, but not much. In an ideal world you would have different tips with different amounts of clouds.

I also hope that the end of the pencil will act as an eraser, just like a rich February pen.

The pencil is not only pressure sensitive, it is also sensitive to risk, so you can stroke wide the way you want with a real pencil. It worked very well in the Procreet Drawing app.

The Apple Pencil in Procreate, Evernote, and Sketches has proven to be more accurate than the FiftyThree pens, especially in making more precise and detailed adjustments and changes.

It feels more balanced and comfortable than the Microsoft Surface Pen.

Although not geared toward pencil artists, if you’re going to take notes on an iPad, it’s worth buying.

In both Evernote and OneNote, I allow my pencil to take very detailed small notes with the standard rejection of palm (which is important on this large surface), and my balance is not tired.

The conclusion

The Apple Pencil is still the most accurate and accurate tablet device to use, and it is an invaluable aid to artists and men working with the sixth-generation iPad or iPad Pro.

But I can only feel that Apple has missed some opportunities without updating for more than two years.

A rubber ring attaches to the back cover with a pencil; Female, instead of a male lightning jack for charging, the eraser function can be a small physical change that improves the usability of the pen.

The Logitech Upcoming Color ($ 49) might be the answer here. It uses the same pencil technology and the same exact advice, but it’s more spacious and flattering, so it’s unlikely to roll.

It also has a low loss cover and a female charging jack.

I don’t see any features of the crane in the pencil, and that’s probably why Apple only limits the crane to school purchases (though you can search for it on eBay).

Now, though, the iPad is compatible with the stylus and you can’t stand it, the pencil is the best stylus you’ll get. Nothing really mattered.