Top 5 Trafficked Animals of India

Top 5 Trafficked Animals of India

The illegal trade of endangered wildlife of India was around a sharp increase. Following the trafficking of both Rhino horns, Tiger and Leopard skins and elephant tusks, poacher was started illegal trade of endangered species like Indian Pangolin,Tokay Gecko, Tokay Gecko, mongoose, Hill Mynah,barn Forest and own owls.

Amur Falcons and Fantastic hornbills were hunted in Nagaland and distinct species of Owl, Great Indian Bustard, Indian peafowl and Indian Spiny Tailed Lizard.

Indian Pangolin

Indian Pangolin (Manis Crassicaudata) or Thick tailed Pangolin is your most sought after animal in India and world’s most underrated wild mammal. The highly jeopardized Indian Pangolin is going to become extinct, nearly a 100,000 Pangolins are seized each year in India for illegal commerce.

Indian Star Tortoises

Indian Star Tortoise is a exotic and rare tortoises species, located from the arid and arid forests of India. This species is quite well known from the exotic pet trade in India and found in most personal houses across Asia.

Tokay Gecko

Tokay Gecko is a nocturnal arboreal gecko happens from the jungle of northeast India. The Tokay gecko is a sign of good fortune and fertility in several East Asian nations and poached for its medicinal transactions in areas of Asia.

Red Sand Boa

Red Sand Boa (Eryx Johnii) commonly called just two headed snake is just one of those nonvenomous boa species, endemic to Indian subcontinent. The snake mainly found in semi-desert and arid foothills of Rajasthan and bring large sum of money from the illegal wildlife trade industry in India because of blind faith that it brings great opportunity to proprietor.

Bengal Monitor Lizard

Bengal Monitor Lizards (Varanus Bengalensis) are very huge reptiles, dispersed within the Indian Subcontinent however, the species can be quickly vanishing due to poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Indian Monitor Lizard and spiny tailed lizards are used for meat,stomach skin,oil and leather.

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