Top 5 Tourist Attraction of Goa

Goa is one the very best tourist attraction in India. It’s quite common tourist destinations due to its stunning beaches. Aside from shores Goa also supplies attractions, Goa cuisines, water sports and a vibrant culture. There are several more things to research in Goa for example churches, among the significant attractions, natural beauty, nightlife and shopping. The Goa Carnival is exceptional in the sense it isn’t celebrated everywhere in India.


Goa is a Property of Beaches, there are approximately 40 beaches in Goa,and a number of them are still virgin. Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Dona Paula, Colva and Bambolim are one of the Most Well-known beaches in Goa. Largely beaches are divided into north and south Goa shores . Each and every shore of Goa has it’s very own significance, these beaches are paradise for beach lovers.


The cuisine of Goa is among the very best in India. The cuisine is largely fish established that contain crabs, prawns, tiger prawns fish etc.. It’s also regarded as Goa cuisine can not be complete with fish. Foods in Goa are effect of Portuguese and Hindu. Fish Curry and rice is a traditional food of Goa, which is really quite tasty.


There are a few famous wildlife refuge in Goa such as Madei, Cotigao and Bondla Wildlife refuge , which supports a rich flora and fauna. These natural habitats are home to get a vast array of wild creatures , such as Indian Bison (Gaur), Cobra and even leopard. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in North Goa is famed for rare species of birds.


Goa provide a mixture civilization of India and Portugal. Culture of Goa for example its legacy, people, festivals and sidewalks. There are a lot of churches in Goa constructed by the Portuguese and all these are among the excellent attractions in Goa. Rave Parties and late night parties on exotic beaches of Goa are the significant attraction for tourist individuals. Goa Carnival and Nightlife in Goa offers a true taste of combination civilization of India and Portugal.

Natural Beauty:

Goa is a country that is gifted with amazing all-natural beauty. Natural Beauty of Goa comprises waterfalls, green woods, magnificent beaches and sun. Waterfalls at Goa are added allure to its natural beauty, The Dudh Sagar waterfall is among the significant waterfall in Goa.

The churches and convents of all Goa are a phrase legacy website in India plus a Significant tourist attraction Together with aforementioned listing, the Most Well-known Spiritual monuments of Goa comprises Se Cathedral,Basilica of Bom Jesus and Ruins of the Church of St Augustine.

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