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Top 5 super drinks for summer list is here. I am to tell you about Top 5 super drinks for summer. Temperature is increasing day by day. And this will increase as the time will pass by. Summer season is just getting started. In this too much hot summer, it is very challenging to keep our self-hydrated. If you won’t do it then lots of problems you will start facing. So let’s get started for making this summer wonderful and keep hydrated. So you not get fall sick because of dehydration. I am going to tell Top 5 super drinks for summer which is not only really good in taste but with this, they are very helpful in staying away from any effects of summer also. So, here are they:-



Seeds of watermelon are one the first list of Top 5 super drinks for summer. Watermelon is counted in one of the most hydrating food for summer. Lycopene is found in watermelon which protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. You can use watermelon as a salad, in sweet, milkshakes and even can be used in smoothies also. With this, you can use the seed by blending it and make it as a juice and drink it. This will also help you in protecting. If you are ordering a juice of watermelon, make it sure that it is a juice of watermelon, not a syrup.

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Aloe vera is second on the list of Top 5 super drinks for summer. Shake made at home in summer is very useful. It is really good for summer season. Shake of Aloe vera in Ayurveda is placed at the high level. When sweating is in the high mode in summer, this super drink will make you and your mind feel fresh. After reaching home, having one of this super drink will be very healthy for your life.  Masala shake makes your body’s water fulfilment. And saves you from dehydration. In this shake, put 1 inch of aloe vera. Blend this into the mixture. It will be very healthy for your body.

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Coconut water is third on the list of Top 5 super drinks for summer. For the summer season, then another and famous name that comes is Coconut Water. Summer season, this super drink is the best cooling drink. It keeps you hydrated. It not only helps in keeping blood pressure level low within this it helps skin also fine. In chilled Coconut water, for taste add some Lemon drops and Rose Petals. This will add a great flavour. It is very healthy.

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Mango Mint Chutney is fourth on the list of Top 5 super drinks for summer. One more factor in staying away from hot summer is flavour of Mint. It’s refreshing taste not only adds flavour to all drinks but also has many benefits related to health. Mint clears the liver and increases the metabolism and also help in increasing the hunger. Eat Mint Chutney with Raw Mango at least once a day with a meal. It will be very helpful and healthy for our body in summer.

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Infused Ice Tea is fifth on the list of Top 5 super drinks for summer. If you think Tea is a drink for the winter season, then you need to try Infused Ice Tea for one time. For this, put Tea leaves in water and boil it and then cool it. After this, mix honey in it and put it in the refrigerator. You can also mix apple, orange, grapes or kiwi fruits beside honey. When it gets chilled whenever you want to drink it. It will refresh you also and will be amazing to have it.

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These Top 5 super drinks for summer are really tasty and very healthy to keep you fresh and hydrated. This will make your mind fresh. It is easy to make. Try this at your home for your family and your self. Trying something new always is creativity and creativity is best.

I hope you will love it. Be safe everyone in this summer.

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