Top 5 Most Ganesh Temples of Maharashtra

Ashtavinayaka signifies eight Ganeshas describes a pilgrimage into the Ganesha temples in Maharashtra state. The Ashtavinayaka yatra covers the eight historical sacred temples of Lord Ganesha, located in Ahmednagar,Raigad and about Pune district.

Moreshwar Temple, Morgaon
Shri Mayureshwar Mandir is situated in Morgaon, roughly 80 kilometres from Pune city. The temple would be the beginning and end point of a pilgrimage of eight honored Ganesha temples known as Ashtavinayaka.

Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek
Siddhivinayak Temple of Siddhatek is among those Ashtavinayaka and the sole Ashtavinayaka shrine in Ahmednagar district. The temple is situated on the northern bank of the river Bhima on a hillock, surrounded by thick foliage of Babul trees.

Chintamani Temple, Theur
The Chintamani Ganesh Temple of Theur is among the bigger and more famous of the Ashtavinayaka Ganesha temples. As with other Ashtavinyaka icon, central icon of Ganesha is deemed self-manifested, situated close to the confluence of river Bhima and the conjoint lake Mula-Mutha.

Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadri
The Girijatmaja Vinayak temple in Lenayadri is situated at Lekhan hills, in a distance of approximately 160 kilometers from Pune. Lenyadri cave 7 is devoted to the god Ganesha, among those Ashtavinayak shrines in Maharashtra.

Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaon
Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple observing eight cases of legends linked to Ganesha. The idol of those lord Ganesh can be called as Mahotkat, situated at Rajangaon 21 kilometers before Shirur and 50 kilometers from Pune.

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