Top 5 Grasshoppers Found in India

  • Painted Grasshopper/Aak Grasshopper
Aak grasshopper also known as painted grasshopper is a large brightly colored grasshopper found in the Indian subcontinent. The older grasshoppers feeds on the noxious plant of Calotropis gigantea.
  • Oxya Grasshopper
Oxya grasshopper also called as rice grasshoppers are found in Africa and Asia. They are pest of a wide variety of crops such as paddy areas.
  • Tobacco Grasshopper
Tobacco grasshoppers are distributed in Bangladesh, India, can be found in Sumatra and southern Vietnam. The greenish color moderate sized grasshoppers are from the subfamily of Pyrgomorphinae.
  • Acrida Grasshopper
Acrida ungarica species of grasshoppers are the most common species, found in Africa, India and Asia.
  • Bombay Locust
Bombay locusts are typically a solitary insect which found in India and southeast Asia. Locusts are species of short grasshoppers, also edible insects and considered a delicacy in many nations.
Many species of grasshoppers are called locusts in various parts of the world including Australian plague locust, migratory locust and desert locust.