Top 29 Responsive HTML5 Directory Templates for Website Business Directories 2020

If your project idea is to start a directory or listing website, then move things forward with Diwali of this world. Why out of this world.With all the ready layouts and elements, Divi also includes its own page builder that unlocks a new world of possibilities. In other words, you can now customize each layout to accurately follow your branding rules. Nevertheless, if you find sample work with your project out of the box, feel free to use it and speed up the process even further.

Finally, Divi is responsive, mobile-friendly,

compatible with web browsers and compatible with retina screens. It is also optimized for excellent loading speed and SEO. Now dive in, lay hands on Divi and start moving forward, getting closer to the success you want to achieve.

Jevelin is another great,

versatile and all-round web design for setting up all types of pages, including directories and listings. Sometimes, simple integration of a plugin takes initial web design to an entirely new degree.

That said, Javelin conforms to all popular and modern extensions, ensuring you have all the rights to create the ultimate design that works with your business idea. The whole process of getting things going in the right direction will also happen. Be a piece of cake. Ultimately, coding knowledge is not necessary.

Like the other layouts in this list

, Javelin is also compatible with all devices, browsers and retina screens. It also guarantees excellent performance for an always awe-inspiring experience. Watch the video tutorial and go from there. On this note, Javelin gives you access to documentation and connects you with a team of experts for any questions you may have.

Direo is a sophisticated listing and directory website template to start your project almost immediately.

It is no secret that you do not need to be an expert to be able to get out of the dero. With the help of all the goodness that comes with Direo, anyone can now set up a killer directory platform. From predefined layouts and elements to following all the latest web development trends, you can expect the final product to be ready for launch in a snap of a finger. Feel free to get Dereo out of the box, but you can combine it with the ease of King Composer.

Other features of Dero include unlimited custom fields,

paid listings, multiple paid gateways, advanced search, Google Maps and stunning listing details. Whether niche or general, you can prepare them all without any trouble.

For all-in-one platforms, you better test the untrusted ListingPro.

This directory tool is full of incredible features and layouts that will get you started in no time. No need to be an expert in website building, ListingPro gives you the opportunity to set up a page without any prior skill. Thanks to the niche demo you gain access to, you can start immediately and have a functional directory website live and ready to attract new visitors instantly.

It will take you just a few minutes to set up the right web design.

Of course, you can further improve the layout and tailor it to your needs, but you can also implement ListingPro out of the box. Hence the name, Listify is a list and directory website template with all the necessary elements and components. Once you unlock the box, you will get nothing.

This tool provides a good collection of demos,

drag and drop page builders, documentation and professional support; In short, this is the complete package you will get for going in a small breeze. List Follow all the latest web and technical practices to run your platform on all platforms and browsers.

List allows you to quickly brand your website without the need for experience in design.

In fact, no technical background is required when working with Listify. There are also many ways how you can monetize your directory and turn it into a money machine. You can include advertisements, charge for membership or make your website exclusive to paid members.

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