Top 17 tools used in software development

So I decided to write a nice and strong list of common software development tools that we use in our development department because I think it would be useful to everyone else.

It takes a little time to try out a new software and use it, learn how it works, shortcuts, etc. It has occurred to one of us that you are not really satisfied and have to start over again with another tool. Let’s just accept it, it’s not a great feeling!

If you ended up on this page, it is most likely because you know how important software development tools are and how they increase the functionality and productivity of a team. In this list here you will find the best programming tools used in AppMub.

The terminal

We all use our terminal. It really depends what you are working on, some of us use it every day while others may use it once a week. But in the end, we all use it! The terminal is a command line where you can execute processes. This is quite useful and makes your work much faster, you can move between files by downloading the application (and many other things) with just one command instead of going through the entire menu.


When it comes to working with different open terminals in different processes, tmux is one of the most useful multiple tools that are used. What is tmux? It is a “terminal multiplexer” that enables you to have multiple independent terminals in one terminal. So it’s about dividing the window into a pan or tab within the terminal and making it easy for us to move through it.

Mail worker

What it does is that it provides a software containerization platform that will enable you to package your application / software in a file system. This container can be transported and run anywhere. So basically you will get everything you need to run: code, system library, etc. This means that the software will be running the same and not dependent on its environment.

Why should you use Doktor? Docker enables you to create new features, solve problems, and spend more time on shipping software. It also makes it easier to collaborate between developers and system administrators as it forms a common framework. Finally, the docker will allow you to ship and scale the software faster.


Intellis is an integrated development environment. An IDE integrates all the tools you need to develop a platform, so it has a code editor, a compiler, a debugger, etc. What we like about Intellij is that it’s a Auto caters, it is really user friendly and therefore easy to use. It also helps to quickly navigate through your code, provide error analysis, and provide quick fixes. To be honest, it greatly increases our productivity.


This is great because we can use it basically everywhere (it has a native app for iOS and Android), and to be honest we have reduced the email sent to it internally. We have a team for each department but also one for the whole company! This is quite practical: you have found the “channel”, which you create for whatever you want (different project, team, topic, etc.) and you can navigate the channels easily.

You also have the option of having a private message directly with some members of your team. Drag and drop is really cool to use, you can share all kinds of files and add comments to them, or tag people. And another great thing is that you can search all your history.


Everyone clearly uses a web browser, and Google Chrome is one of the most popular there. I love Chrome because it has a clean and simple UI, I found it very fast and I love that it syncs my bookmarks to all my devices, has a large library of extensions and add-ons, it’s automated Form fills the form and I can search directly from the address bar. Finally, the developer’s console is very quick and easy to use, and makes life easier for front-end developers.


Feedly is quite good to use. It is a kind of news feed where you can easily read the news of your interest. It is very easy to use and has a minimal design and personal interface.

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