Top 13 Women UX Influencers on Twitter

When we were picking these top female UX influencers, we saw her blog content, her creative works and useful information on her Twitter account. We tried to make a list of active women aux influencers on social media and you will not only be inspired by this.

Why only twitter? Twitter is an ideal place to share short messages, articles, tips, opinions, pictures and updates and more. However, while doing a research, I found some interesting websites and decided to keep them here as well.

1. Veerle Peters

The first on our list of “13 Women Aux Influencers” is a Belgian web designer, a well-known blog named Veerle Blog 3.0. By following him on social media, you will always be updated with the latest news, events and trends.

2. Priyanka Codical

An Indian designer with experience of working in Sweden, Denmark and India. Currently, she is working as a product designer on Facebook. On Twitter, from time to time, she designs her favorite articles, abstracts and ideas. Personally, I would recommend you follow her medium where she has a collection of her favorite articles.

3. Jane Pyle

Certainly, Jane Pyle can be named as an active Twitter user and is famous for being one of those female UX influencers who post and share news from the UX world on a daily basis. She has a weighty rationale for being a senior user experience designer at Genentech in San Francisco. If you want to read the tweet with appropriate content and visual examples, including personal and professional opinions, then go ahead and follow it!

4. Annette Priest

His catchy twitter will get your attention, that’s for sure. It is all about UX. Annette Priest Advisory Board is a strategic UX and product design company. On her Twitter you will see that she is also a UX consultant and UX researcher, and you can feel it while reading and reading your tweet. His material is rich and includes his professional views, comments on various topics, and subtle designer humor.

5. Zanana Kimmel

Logically, in his Twitter you will see tweets about health and technology. In addition, you should check out his personal website where you can find more information about his professional experience, projects and written articles.

6. Catalina Narjobo

Currently working at Google and previously at Yahoo !, Lego, Nickelodeon and Intel. At Google he focuses on developing games for interactive and user-friendly applications as well as Google Play. With a vast experience and knowledge, she gives tips on her Twitter account and tells her followers about the latest design trends. If you are interested in getting more information about her personality, I also recommend you check out her LinkedIn detailed profile.

7. Laura Klein

Perhaps you have heard about it if you read ‘UX for Lean Startups’. She is the author of this book, as well as ‘Build Better Products’. In addition, Laura is a Silicon Valley based Lean UX specialist and consultant.


8. Christina Halvorsen
Christina Halvorsen is the CEO and founder of Brain Traffic, a content strategy consultancy based in Minnesota, USA. She is also the author of a similar book, “Content Strategy for the Web”. On her Twitter account, you’ll be happy to find unique content and friendly humor.


9. Kerry Bodine

Visually appealing, his Twitter account will surely catch your eye with updates from your content and events dedicated to the web design industry. He can be named not only as a Twitter influencer but also as a blogger. She has a successful blog of her own where she shares her expertise and knowledge in customer experience.

10. Crystal Erlich

First of all, Krystal Erlich is a well-known UX freelancer. He has extensive experience working with giants such as AT&T, Guinness, Levy, Microsoft, Honda, Pepsi, Verizon and MTV. Meanwhile, he is the owner and chief organizer of the Los Angeles User Experience Meetup Group which may be named as the largest Meet Up Group for UX in the United States.

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