Top 10 Small Towns in Sweden – 2

The scenic coastal city of Simrishamn is located in southern Skåne County and is a part of the county’s historical southeastern part, Österlen. This area is well known for its orchards, farmland, beautiful nature and tiny cities — of that Simrishamn is just one. Nearby Simris features not just a historical church dating from the 1100s, but can also be home to the 11th-century Simris Runestones: mysterious standing stones with runic inscriptions from the Old Norse language.

The town of Jokkmokk is situated in Sweden’s far north west Lapland state and contains the weather and snow to decide on this. Regardless of this, or very possible due to it, the city is a picturesque place to see, with wooden homes and attractive landscapes. There is a museum devoted to the Sami people, a pretty 19th-century Gothic Revival church, and an unbroken 400-year-old convention in the Jokkmokk Market; occurring on the first Thursday of February each year it attracts tens of thousands, playing host to concerts, commerce and exhibitions, and it is very important to the Sami people.

Visby is famous for its well preserved medieval city wall, constructed as fortification which also contained defensive towers, and churches — even although these are now largely in ruins. Located on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, Visby was a part of the medieval Hanseatic League, a confederation of both guilds and market cities combined together for defensive and commercial functions. Its principal square or Stora Torget is surrounded by interlinking cobbled roads and can be lined with cafes — ideal for watching the world go by in this picturesque coastal town.

Small Sigtuna is situated just north of Stockholm and lays claim to the name of Sweden’s oldest city still in life: it was set in 980 by Swedish King Erik Segersäll. This millenia-old payoff is famous now for its beautiful medieval city centre, complete with traditional wooden structures inhabited by adorable stores and restaurants down twisting narrow lanes, in addition to the rock ruins of ancient churches. Its principal road — known as Stora Gatan — can also be thought to be Sweden’s oldest and dates back to the period of King Erik Segersäll’s reign.

Picture-perfect Trosa includes a fairly humorous namesake: in Swedish the term trosa is similar to”underwear” in English — but the natives have heard all of the jokes already. For part of this year , a few of those sailors are in fact Swedish actors (such as former Abba member Benny Andersson) that have summer homes here — frequently across the merry banks of their Trosa River. Known as a city as the 14th century, Trosa is a favorite because of its fairly city centre with a mixture of institutions from trendy to traditional.

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