Top 10 Small Towns in Sweden – 1

Granted city standing in 1200 AD, the beachfront settlement of Marstrand — named after the island where it is located, Marstrandsön — is still called a’town’ by Swedes despite a population of just over 1,000. It is, however, home to the mid-17th century fortress of Carlsten, called for King Karl X Gustav of Sweden, a 14th-century medieval church, and also is a renowned center for sailing and sailing contests, hosting the Match Cup Sweden (a part of the World Match Racing Tour). Marstrand is referred to as a playground for stars and wealthy Swedish citizens equally, that come in summer time for sea, nightlife and shopping.

In southeastern Sweden, and Situated on the southern beaches of Vättern — the nation’s biggest lake and the sixth-largest in Europe — is located the city of Vadstena. Its famous for several things: a castle, built in 1545 as a fortress prior to getting a royal imperial castle in 1660, then falling from favor and utilized for grain storage (now a museum); Vadstena Town Hall — the earliest in Sweden; a 14th-century abbey based on the Swedish Saint Bridget; along with a medieval city square as fairly as it’s old.

Founded in 1680 as a naval base intended for protection against invasion and raids in the southeast, Karlskrona is now called Sweden’s only baroque city, with its own buildings and design left almost intact since its heritage. The principal building of the town is the Fredrikskyrkan church, assembled at the 1690s; additional churches in the city would be the ancient 18th-century Church of the Holy Trinity (built for town’s Italian inhabitants ), along with also the more conventional Amiralitetskyrkan, which can be Sweden’s biggest wooden church.

Kiruna is exceptional in it is presently in the process of being transferred, bit by bit, to a new place 3 km east — because of the Kiirunavaara mine literally undermining town. Additionally, it appears to become Sweden’s northernmost city, also is a wonderful spot to find the grandeur of the Northern Lights, in addition to a suitable gateway to neighboring Abisko National Park; along with the planet’s earliest Icehotel was likewise constructed around 11 kilometers north west of Kiruna. In 2001 the city’s stylishly elegant wooden Gothic Revival church has been voted Sweden’s favourite pre-1950s construction, also is now a stand-out star of Kiruna.

Situated on the island of Öland, miniature Alby is home to a wealth of history. Alby is regarded as the earliest settlement on Öland, with archeological evidence of farming communities residing here from 4000 BC. Scattered around are historical standing stone circles — indicative of burial grounds; neighboring is the iron era ringfort of Eketorp; additionally, there are medieval structures, such as rock bridges, and quite a few iconic 17th-century wooden homes. Alby is a magical cocktail of legacy that history-lovers won’t want to overlook.

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