Top 10 Design of Paintings In India – 2

Kalighat Painting, West Bengal
Kalighat paintings are done on fabric or patas with pictures of gods and goddesses, originated from the neighborhood of Kalighat Kali Temple at Kolkata. You will find list of different assortment of topics from Kalighat paintings, depiction of Hindu gods.

Picchwai Painting is really depicts the images of Lord Krishna, originated in the village of Nathdwara in Rajasthan and at quite much need among the overseas tourist and travelers came in India.

Pahari Painting
Pahari painting is just another most renowned painting design of India in the mountainous areas of Garhwal, Himachal and Jammu. The Pahari is famous regional kind of Indian painting, practiced in Kangra called Kangra painting and in Basholi, called Basohli Painting.

Rajput Painting
Rajput style of painting indicates the Rajputana realm of India and depict epic events of Ramayana, havelis of Shekhawati and temples, palaces of Rajputs. The royal state of Rajasthan host one of the most significant chapter of Indian miniature paintings using identifying fashions like Mandana Paintings.

Warli Painting
Warli painting is a type of tribal artwork by the people of Warli tribes residing in and about Sahyadri regions of Maharashtra-Gujarat. The wall paintings is among those fastest dying art forms in India such as Manjusha Art, art of puppetry, Naga handicraft,Dhokhra handicraft, Roghan painting and Kutch Embroidery, Today, registered using a Geographical Indication status.

Cheriyal scroll painting out of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are all made by local communities along with also the most effective stylized version of Nakashi artwork showcasing the tales from Indian tales pf Puranas and Epics.

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