Many of us may remember from our childhoods the first time we picked up a stone and tossed it into a lake. We may recall with our mind’s eye the ripples that formed in the water. Once pristine, the image in the lake wavered and broke. We might have learned then, the power we have to create changes in the world. From the mere tossing of a stone, we saw the image shattered and discovered our influence. Life is like that lake. What we throw out into our universe, reflected back into our own lives. Like looking into a mirror, when we smile at the Universe, the Universe smiles back. The reverse is also true, when we frown, the image frowns back. The Thoughts that you will feed to your mind will get the seed out as the result.

Creating the energy of love will create for us a beautiful image. This is the magic of the interconnectedness of life. When we increase the amount of love and kindness that exists in the world, it is, in fact, ourselves who benefit most from these actions. This week, we are supported in remembering the power we have to affect lasting change in our lives. We remember the ability, and responsibility, we hold to do good for others.💢💢

Thoughts – Random Thoughts

  1. Ignoring a problem does not mean that it is solved.
  2. Life becomes melodious if worldly pleasures get ignored initially, and one gets meticulous about their goals.
  3. Be it anyone, beautiful or not, everyone is pulled equally by gravity.
  4. Problems are the bitter melodies of life.
  5. Ignorance is bliss, but then it’s like living in a bubble; when it bursts, we notice what’s happening and end up living in doubt.
  6. Life is a beautiful melody; Only the lyrics messed up.
  7. Listening to a melody is better than having a tablet for removing stress.
  8. The only way to overcome ignorance is by having a desire to discover.

These random Thoughts are randomly wrote down. In last, i would leave with a wonderful quote-

Only two categories of people are happy in life – The Mad and the Child. Be Mad to achieve a goal. Be a Child to enjoy what you have achieved!

Finally, 💓Wishing You All Super Successful Positive And Winning Week Ahead 💓

Jai Shree Krishna….And Very Happy Morning 🙏🙏🙏