The Xbox One consoles in terms of travel distance

The Xbox One consoles in terms of travel distance

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is based on the regular Xbox One controller, so button and stick placement is familiar. Both the shoulder button and trigger are similar to standard Xbox One consoles in terms of travel distance and pressure.

Ports at the base of the console mirror the normal model with a 3.5 mm jack, special ports that are shipped with the 2013 console controllers. Any custom accessories for a standard console should fit without issue, provided they do not need to be wrapped around the back.

Appearance can be deceiving, and despite similarity and feeling like a standard Xbox One controller at first check, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 offers a lot of bells and whistles that you won’t find in standard design.

Immediately, the players notice that the direction board is round, which is odd. Fortunately it can be removed and replaced with a traditional cross-style guide plate. Once switched on, it becomes the best directional pad I have ever used, with a tangible click that does not require excessive force. The design will be used for the upcoming Xbox Series X console, so it will be more popular by the end of 2020.

Many third-party shows such as Scoof Vantage, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, feature removable analog sticks by magnets. The replacements included in the carry case are easy to take out and replace. Players who prefer convex designs can easily switch, as should those who want a short or long stick.

More impressive than the proposed options is the adjustable tension disc at the bottom. With an embedded switch, players can give their sticks a loose or more compact movement to suit their preferences. I found it a bit loose by default, but it took less than a minute to fix.

The tensioners themselves cannot be accommodated as scuff ventages, but they have a three-tiered child moving system. By default, they travel as far as a standard console, but flipping the switch can cut it by more than half. For first-person shooters, shorter travel distances can make players more competitive, and they can be left in different locations.

The Series 2 takes on the design of Microsoft’s first Elite controller, and features four removable paddles on the back. By default, it is programmed for each of the four face buttons, allowing you to place your thumb on the analog sticks while doing other tasks. With the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One or PC, it can be restarted for other tasks, including pressing a button on analog sticks.

Multiple profiles can be saved for specific games or for multiple users, and pressing the special profile button on the front of the console will completely disable the pedals. This came in handy when playing frantic games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so I didn’t worry about swapping guns by accidentally hitting a paddle. Paddles are very easy to remove because they are magnetically attached. If a guest opposes them, it only takes a few seconds to remove them.

Because paddles work by pushing a small hidden button, they leave a small hole when removed, but they are hardly noticeable. No wires are visible inside and if left outside permanently, dust or debris is unlikely to accumulate. It may seem silly to spend about $ 200 on a fancy console and take away its greatest feature, but customization has value above everything else.

The carrying case is not usually thought of again after the console was removed, but Microsoft did its best with the Xbox Elite controller series. This case includes magnetic holes for all included accessories. In addition to ease of storage, it improves the transport of the console regardless of whether a small piece will start to roll or fall off when the case opens.

Also, it has a built-in charge dock and a hidden wired port, which means that you won’t have to remove the controller to charge it. Although not a requirement, it adds a bit of temperament to help justify the cost.

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The battery can last up to 40 hours when fully charged. The console appears to be designed to withstand abuse, and it’s a lot tougher than a standard Xbox One console. Yes, unless you are a very casual player who doesn’t need or care about the bells and whistles. This is the best video game controller I have ever used.

Microsoft’s standard Xbox One controller lacks the awesome touch bar for the “HD Rumble” for the PS4’s DualShock 4 or Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, but its reliability and design make it incredibly great. There is little to improve – either by correcting features or adding new ones – but Microsoft has found a way with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

At a price that matches its impressive build and build quality, its price is comparable to three full-price Xbox One games. However, it is easy to see the cause within a few minutes of using it. It is the best video game controller, and an easy recommendation for competitive gamers.

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