The Way to Spend 2 Weeks Island Hopping in Greece-2

The Way to Spend 2 Weeks Island Hopping in Greece-2

Paros (3 nights)

Some of the Cyclades Islands is Paros, and it can be a quieter island in which travelers of all ages have come to unwind on the shore, explore historical sites and dine around the local cuisine. A highlight of any stay in Paros is a trip to the Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a church which was initially constructed 1,6000 decades back and then rebuilt from the late 18th century. You will also have the ability to create a splash at the Aqua Park, a water-based theme park, visit the rustic taverns and fishing areas in the village of Naousa and dancing away the night in the pubs Lower Market Street. Do not leave without tasting the local fish doused in vinegar, a genuine island delicacy.

Antiparos (day excursion from Paros)

On one of the times in Paros, set aside a time to see the island of Antiparos. Over 1,000 individuals live on the island, and it’s accessible by ferry many times every day in the vents of Parikia and Pounta around Paros. Antiparos is famous for its unbelievable cave, a grotto which you reach by walking over 300 steps underground to a feeling which feels out of the world. Antiparos is also home to the stunning Sostis Bay, a favorite beach place for people, and lots of traditional wooden ships that offer short tours across the island.

Naxos (2 nights)

The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos provides more variety than a lot of the other islands, with scenic cities, high hills, lush green valleys and beaches that are attractive. You may still view what remains of the Castro, or walled town, that is situated just over the island’s most important harbor. Other best items to do in Naxos contain swimming in the Agios Prokopios Beach, visiting Dionysus’ Temple from the village of Glinado and dining in one of the taverns in the sanctuary of Lionas.

Santorini (3 nights)

Possibly the best-known of all of the Greek islands is Santorini, also for good reason. Santorini is a scenic spot and also a place where you are able to enjoy stunning views and a number of the finest sunsets around Earth. The city of Fira is frequently featured in photos, as a result of its odd perch right on the edge of a cliff leading down to the sea. By Fira, it is possible to walk directly along the perimeter of a sunken caldera into the town of Oia. Other areas you do not wish to overlook in Santorini would be the lighthouse of Faros, the pebbled shore of Dark Beach and town of Akrotiri, which will be over 3,5000 years old and has been covered in volcanic ash like Pompeii in Italy.

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