The Way to Spend 2 Weeks Island Hopping in Greece-1

A visit to Greece is a wonderful way to determine where the Olympics and doctrine truly started. Add stunning historical architecture, a hot climate, endless beaches and a welcoming individuals, also it’s not difficult to see the appeal of a Greek escape. Even though the mainland provides a number of magnificent places, for example, funds of Athens, the Greek shores are also an wonderful way to better your next holiday.

This two-week island hopping excursion takes one to seven of those most beautiful Cyclades islands. The Cyclades, so termed due to the archipelago’s islands have been put in a circle around Delos, played significant roles in Greek mythology. They’re a terrific spot to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, simply relax on a beach, go hiking in the hills or tour historical ruins.

Mykonos (2 nights)

Many travelers will arrive and leave at the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, which explains precisely why this itinerary starts in the capital town. Athens, clearly, has lots to offer travelers, and it’s likewise a popular departure point for people flying into a few of the stunning Greek islands. Throughout your time in Athens, make certain to observe landmarks such as the Acropolis, or even the large city of Athens, where you will discover the 2,500 year-old Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the broad collection of artifacts in the New Acropolis Museum. In the bottom of the Acropolis, investigate the enchanting areas of Plaka and Thissio, where you are able to see ancient Roman ruins.

Delos (day trip from Mykonos)

Have a ferry from Athens to Mykonos to relish this exceptionally popular Greek island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos is well-known for its nonstop nightlife, therefore aim to get a couple evenings of dance, live music and a great deal of yummy cocktails. Obviously, there’s also a lot to do throughout the day. In Mykonos, you may see the charming 16th century windmills that overlook the enchanting Little Venice district, or you could learn more about the 15th century Portuguese church named Panagia Paraportiani directly in Mykonos Town. Do not neglect the world-famous beaches such as the celebration shore named Paradise, the shore named Elia that boasts jet ski rentals, the secluded Fokos shore and the household beach of Ornos.

Delos (day excursion from Mykonos)

As you’re at Mykonos, invest half a day exploring the nearby island of Delos. The island is totally uninhabited, however you are still able to see thanks to ships that leave every day from Agios Nikolaos in the afternoon and return in the day. In Delos, you’ll be thrilled to get an enormous selection of archeological websites and ruins. One of the most notable landmarks around the island contain the ruins of three temples dedicated to Apollo, the thorough mosaics at the House of Dionysos, a construction named Cleopatra’s House because of busts of this iconic girl located inside and that which remains of a massive marble theatre.