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The simplified version of the new Toyota Camry’s front

The 2020 Corolla Hybrid features a simplified version of the new Toyota Camry’s front end, with a larger grille and a smaller beveled hood. It might not be the most exciting design, but looking at it, nothing is known about its price.

You’ll find more cargo space in the trunk of a Honda Insight, or in the Hyundai Ionic hatchback. If you’re just trying to choose between hybrid and non-hybrid Corolla sedans, you’ll be happy to know that the hybrid system doesn’t intrude on trunk space. But the truck is still among the smallest in its class.

Seats are typical of a compact car. Front seats are good for most people, and rear seats are good for adults. The batteries are underneath the back seat, so they don’t damage the rear passenger seat more than usual for a car of this size.

The Corolla Hybrid features an 8-inch touch screen mounted on the top of the center console to provide maximum visibility. This is a generic Toyota interior design, and while it’s functional, it always looks strange to me. It looks like when you’re not using it, it should bend, but it’s not. The contrasting design of the screen makes the interior look older than it was in the past.

The driver has a large 7 inch digital display that you can customize to show the information you want. You can set it to show things like odometers or outside temperatures. I’ve set it to show current fuel economy and travel, as I want to see how my driving affects in real time my average mileage. It is a hybrid, after all.

Unfortunately for Toyota, its Antune infotainment system is ahead of Corolla competitors. It’s compatible with Apple CarPlay, but not Android Auto. There is a USB port, popular with any vehicle in 2020, but it is oddly located to the right of the center console.

Hyundai Ioniq platform is easy to use and includes Android and Apple compatibility, upgrade available with bigger screen and wireless charging. The Honda Insight-based infotainment system is minimal, the same as you’d find on the Corolla. But like Ioniq, Honda offers an upgraded system with larger screens and Wi-Fi hotspots.

For all of those working towards their prime membership, the Corolla Antune System is Amazon Alexa compatible. This is still an unusual feature in any car, let alone selling for under $ 25,000.

If you consider the Corolla Hybrid, you probably care about it for its fuel economy. You will not be disappointed. The hybrid is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency at 52 mpg with the city and highway average in the low 1950s. The gas-powered Corolla is only rated at around 33 mpg combined, depending on which model you’re talking about.

It is very good compared to most cars, but very typical of a modern hybrid sedan. Honda Insight publishes roughly the same number, with 52 mpg combined. Hyundai Ioniq outperformed both with 58 mpg.

At the end of my test campaign, the performance of the center told me that real-world fuel economy was in the mid-1940s. This number is small, but the mileage is completely halted. If you were able to set up adaptive cruise control for the long run I did, your miles might be close to EPA numbers.

The Corolla features Toyota’s Safety Sense Suite with driver safety features, with a full roster of safety technologies. I have used all the features; High beam, automatic identification of pedestrians and cyclists. I was in town so no high beam was necessary, and no one came or found in front of my car.

My toughest test came on a rainy night on a road with incorrect signs and uncertain traffic patterns. The lane-keeping assist system can detect the center lane, which has reflectors, but had a difficult time finding the correct lane mark, which collapsed in some locations. The Corolla’s steering assistant gently suggested that I sign the central lane more than I would like.

I also had a dynamic stabilization system on this flight, and it worked. This system takes you down to stop, and when it detects that the vehicle has moved forward, it prompts you to press a button, or accelerator, to start again. It follows the traffic as it should. When another car cut a lane, she was able to adjust quickly, and read the speed limit signal correctly.

If you’ve been waiting for the arrival of the American version of the more popular and affordable Toyota, this is your year. The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is here, and it has about $ 23,000 to start.

There is no new baby on the Corolla block. It debuted in the late 1960s, having sold over 46 million worldwide. However, several other Toyota cars received the first hybrid treatment from Corolla, including the RAV4, Highlander and even the Camry, the Corolla’s older brother.

The Corolla Hybrid is inexpensive, but it isn’t the least expensive hybrid. Honda Insight 2020 and 2020 Hyundai Ionic are a few hundred dollars cheaper.

I tested the Corolla Hybrid in the January rainy season in the Pacific Northwest. This is the perfect time to test the vehicle’s driver assistance features (without putting yourself or the vehicle in danger).

Toyota has overhauled its lineup over the years, and this year it was the Corolla’s turn. Toyota decided that the car could be designed to accommodate hybrid engines as well as regular gasoline engines. This speaks to the success of Toyota’s hybrid technology, which is slowly but surely phasing out from Prius to other Toyota cars.

Although some cars can run without a trip to the design team, the Corolla is popular, and Toyota’s design team often revives it. It was completely redesigned in 2014, with an update in 2017. In between, Toyota released special editions. The trim level and features are greatly revised every year to keep up with new trends.

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