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What would you say? If I say,  out of 100 couples approximately 70 of them will break up with each other? You will say what are you saying? But this is the reality check of our life. Nowadays, most of the couples are facing this problem. It’s becoming the current scenario. Everyone is committing each other and after few months giving up on each other. A relationship is becoming a game for time pass and also a blame game. What’s going on? So, Here I am going to give The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship. Are you ready?

The love is an astounding feeling and the most precious pillar of our life. We always need someone who loves you unconditionally. Whether it is in the form of parents love, friend’s love, best friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. Love is needed. It’s all about The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship. We seek for love every time. Love is a fundamental pillar of life. The person who loves you, care for you, respects you more importantly, who listen and understand you. It’s the wonderful gift if someone gets this.


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We get committed with each other thinking of love is great. And We will be happy for always and staying together forever. We feel such so as in the movies, it shows how a boy and girl met each other and how they fall in love. Some problems came but they managed and lived happily for forever after then. But peeps? This only happens in a movie life or in fantasize world. Come back to reality, it’s a real life. Where relationship needs much more sacrifices, struggles to get hold of it. Now let’s see the tips on how to make a relationship – A Happy Relationship, The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship:-

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Mostly, first two years are easy to go on. In these two years, most probably we all get an idea of what other loves, their likes or dislikes, understanding, communication. Each and everything goes on very well. But after this, we get a little bit of lousy, lethargic to make an effort in a relationship. And We think everything is going well and it will be well as it went in their previous two years. AND IT’S THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE WE DO. You never know what small thing ruin your perfect relationship. It is said, “small-small things get bigger.” And in a relationship, this small things is enough to ruin it. So be careful with these small things. That’s why The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship is really needed to make your relationship delicious.

1. Communication

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The first secret of  The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship is communication. Many of us would agree that communication is the best way to make a healthy relationship. As communication gap increases the gap between two people. Yes, it is true, but some of the couples take it in wrong way and for them, it means always keep on talking about themselves. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU MIGHT LOSE INTEREST FROM EACH OTHER. As the same topic again and again, it is common to make it feel boredom. So let me clear you, Communication means communicating with each other on every aspect of things. Little about yourself, and more about the interests. A general topic, general issues, interesting facts, etc. This will help you.


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Expressing is the best way to enhance your relationship and the second point of The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship. Express each time how you feels when they are with them, how happy it makes you. When you feel something, express it too but in a sincere and calm way. Make your loved one see how much you enjoy the company of them. But it should be real. The real feelings what you feel with them. It is said, showing off, and just making your partner think that you love them by your words just wrenches your partner’s heart or you could say it hurts them. And that’s not true love. And when there will be a little problem, you both might end up giving on each other. So here I would say, Keep it real and if you love them then show them and make them really feel that you truly love them and care for them.


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Do you have trust in each other? Then it is really great and amazing. No problem could tear you both apart until the time you both have trust. Trust is the biggest factor and really the point which should be noted of The Secret Tips Of Happy Relationship. Trust each other. Trusting each other will make you feel better and polish your couple goals. And the dreams you have seen together, the future you both saw of being togetherness then trust is needed. As many are out there who would tell lie, disguise you, will tell the false story. But if you will have trust, you would never doubt them and will clearly sort out the problems. Any misunderstanding? Trust is something which will make you overcome these problems and will help both of you.


Realize the value of being together. Value of each other, what they were at first and how they have become matured and lovely personalities. How the things went wrong but you both were together when they need each other. As I said in the above points, the dreams you both saw together. The night which spent together in dreaming of your future. Trust is important. Furthermore on this, Realisation, a realisation of what you were in the past to the what you are now. If you both have become a more dedicated person, focused person, and the person who has made you strong and made you believe them that they are gonna be forever. Just keep moving on your dreams. Then, It is my big request, NEVER LET THEM GO. RESPECT THEM. CARE FOR THEM. FOCUS ON YOUR DREAMS. AND WITH THIS HOLD THEM TOO. Because, sometimes, few forget this who made you strong, who made you in doing this, who helped you when no one was there. The one who believed in you made yo


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Support each other no matter what is going on. Whether your angry or happy or in problem. Supporting each other will make a bonding of togetherness which will be helpful. It is said, “SUPPORTING AND CARING EACH OTHER EVEN IN ROUGH TIMES.” It will make other one to believe in you and build a height of trust.


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Physical contact in a couple is very important. When I speak of “touch each day” I mean that every day at least embraces your partner sincerely, give him a kiss, hold his hand, put his hand on his shoulder or back.A hug, a kiss, a pat on the back, are gestures that nourish and unite a couple. If you develop this positive habit in your relationship you will see how it improves and grows over time.


Its the main issue what we do usually. So be careful in this thing, when their partner is done with a relationship and wants to end it. It is very important to realize that everyone potentially has a breaking point, and if their needs are not met or they don’t feel seen by the other, they will more than likely find it somewhere else. So never take this for granted.

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Now, I hope you got the points and tips to make your love life healthy and more stable.

Share it with your partner and make a bonding of love which can’t be broken in any aspect of problems.

Thank you