On Sunday, Samsung introduced two new models for its flagship Galaxy smartphone line at the annual Mobile World Gala, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Both phones have similar features, but one, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch screen similar to the iPhone 6s Plus.

The units feature curved screens that support quad HD resolution, as well as a slight curve at the back, making them easy to hold.

To calm complaints about the battery life of the previous generation Galaxy, the units received increased power. The S7 Edge has a 3,600mAh battery, a jump from the S6 Edge in the 2600 model, while the S7 has a 3000mAh power source, while the S6 battery has only 2,550.

Low megapixels

Samsung has also made some changes to the Galaxy camera. It reduced the number of pixels on the shooter sensor from 16 to 12, but increased the pixel size, which would improve camera performance in low light conditions.

Pixels on the new Galaxy model are 30 percent larger than the iPhone 6s Plus, 1.4 microns compared to 1.22 microns compared to Apple.

Both Apple and Google have cut the way to the lowest number of pixels with some successes, so Samsung’s competitors have already pushed forward some consumer education.

“It will be successful until it gets more light in terms of larger pixels,” said Daniel Mattis, an analyst at Canalys.

Larger pixels also facilitate their incorporation into every pixel autofocus technology, allowing the camera to take sharper pictures.

Matt told TechNewsWorld, “Autofocus is really fast now – with images almost instantly anywhere.”

Various reviews

“It’s a substantial improvement compared to previous releases, but it’s not a leader,” said Bob O’Donnell, founder and principal analyst at Techno Research.

Patrick Moorehead, lead analyst at Moore Insights and Strategy, told TechNewsWorld, “The best addition they’ve made is the addition of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820, which has in some cases doubled performance.”

virtual reality

For consumers who are ordering a new phone model as of March 18, Samsung offers a great deal: the Gear VR headset is free.

Additionally, Oculus offers those who arrange phones with a six-gear VR game for free.
Does the temptation of a free VR headset increase primary sales?

Technalysis”Donnell told TechNewsWorld, “There’s not a lot of content on VR, so it’s more of a gimmick at the moment.

“They will inspire people to try virtual reality,” said Brian Blow, director of Gartner Research.

Cooling market

Samsung, along with other smartphone manufacturers, wants to change the current picture of smartphone sales.

“We are slowing down the smartphone upgrade cycle and the pace of development,” said Cansil Matt, adding that it would be difficult to achieve good results in the smartphone market

The us In, another factor that contributes to the upgrade cycle is the dropping out of phone support.

However, Canalys expects double-digit growth for smartphones this year. Globally, it is expected that smartphone shipments will reach 1.5 billion in 2016.

Past government procurement similar to key aspects of the technology industry. For example, government procurement from Oracle for RDBMS has helped usher in one of the main factors of modern computing.

Today, I think JEDI and some brainstorming meetings between the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Amazon can be important in shaping standards of information usability. But what do i know? I am just an analyst.

We are in a difficult time with social media, in this way advertising is created due to the business model, not the technology itself. The model must change – and with it the organization of companies and what they do for stakeholders.

Social has become the poster child of a new Golden Age and bad billionaire behavior. Do not look much in the way of redress this year, as it will take new legislation or perhaps a legal remedy to separate old men. The political situation is yet to come.

However, we can see social development reaching its closeness, as its benefits are already at a point of diminishing returns for many years. It is possible that modern technologies, such as information, can improve social networks by themselves – but not yet.

Next year we will see for the best that bleeding can slow down due to socialism, which would be a good start. Although no promises.