CES is the show I am looking forward to returning to, and the main reason for this is the nightmare of moving around in Las Vegas during the show.

One night I wanted to go to the In-N-Out Burger restaurant, and although it was only two miles from my hotel, the traffic was so bad that I suspected I would go there and return before midnight – and it was 6pm.

CES will benefit from the drilling organization of Elaine Mask or the widespread use of independent technology to further improve traffic.

I tried to walk over it, but a few miles away from walking on the concrete from the base of the foot for a year, I didn’t want to feel this pain again.

I’ll be focusing on two standalone car technologies this week that I think are two things often overlooked: one of the salespeople on the show who thinks he’s dead; And another important part, too.

I’m going to lock my product in for this week: Lenovo Fold X1, the first foldable screen computer that can be perfect for female users who want to use a full-featured, full-size laptop that fits their wallet.

Autonomous vehicle condition

Both Intel and Qualcomm made decent presentations at CES, focusing on the strengths of their company (Intel Sensor and Qualcomm Radio). Both technologies are essential for the future of autonomous cars.

Kochlom has introduced a new attractive platform for connecting pedestrian networks to reduce the risk of people motoring on their smartphones and focusing on where to go.

Sector Leader Nvidia issued its ads before the show.

All Vendors Self-Driving Cars – Individual taxis were heavily coordinated with the expectation that you will be present in cars you can buy in the 2020-30 time frame and premium classes near 2050.

However, I think we will probably get this technology some high-end cars very soon.

The car companies were heavily represented at the event, as some have already driven the concept of individual cars.

Japanese car companies seemed to be the most aggressive, with both Toyota and Honda having advanced vision ideas.

The great car concept on the show was Mercedes and Sony. Yes, Sony.

Mercedes had a car called Avatar that looked like it came from a science fiction movie, and Sony had a concept car that showed how you could turn a car’s interior into a playground for entertaining, if the car itself wasn’t driving. Will be

These cars haven’t finished in years, but it seems that only Japanese car makers are generating demand. No one thinks that was on this page.

CES and critical pathways

CES means “Consumer Electronics Show”, but independent automotive technology presentations didn’t do much to make you things.

Yes, some sectors have touched on the fact that it will save you, but like many people in the first place, they did not like the idea of ​​a seat belt (and often they do not wear it in Uber and Lyft, which is a very foolish practice). Surveys indicate that most of them accept a computer. Dissatisfied with the idea of ​​driving a car.

A few years ago, Intel tested a self-driving concept car with and without the steering wheel, and found that people were more comfortable with the idea if the car didn’t have a steering wheel because it suddenly removed the fear that they could control the car and what I would. Don’t know what to do

I remember that the concept of autonomous cars initially had a failure policy that could drive the car into a concern if the individual car couldn’t deal with a complex problem.

I imagined that a professional might be sleeping, reading or watching movies in the car, before the collision was called to control the seconds that the computer could not be avoided.

The result is not just a partial shout before the inevitable catastrophic event. Considering survival, the passenger in this scenario probably won’t be a big-tech advocate.

As we approach the launch window, especially for commercial vehicles, I think more needs to be done to make technology attractive and to focus on the benefits of technology beyond security.

The benefits include being able to fly somewhere and having your car meet you there, or avoiding airports by using a car you’ve traveled on as an office, bedroom or entertainment hub.

However, demand generation was not simply depreciated at CES – the other was security.

The United States and Iran

During the show, strikes on an Iranian general in the United States, early Iranian reactions and ongoing threats became big news. In my hotel room, my HP laptop started warning me of any malware attacks and hitting Las Vegas.