Hollywood’s Presbyterian Medical Center announced Wednesday that it paid about $ 17,000 to resume normal operations after shutting down its computer system without an internet connection without digital blackmail.

The Los Angeles hospital discovered the ransomware computer network earlier this month. Ransomware is a form of malware that saves key data and files on the system and requires a ransom payment for a digital key to decrypt the data.

HPMC said that after paying a ransom of 40 bitcoins, or $ 17,000, the hospital succeeded in bringing electronic medical record systems over the Internet to blackmail experts. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency preferred by cybercriminals because they, like cash, are difficult to track.

Initial reports of the accident yield a ransom of $ 3.4 million, or 9,000 bitcoins. The report indicated that those reports were inaccurate.

No honorable thieves

According to Rick Orlov, CSO of Code 42, paying ransom can encourage criminals of ransom.

“Likewise, the government is not negotiating with hostages. It is encouraging hostages to take over,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Lee Kim, director of privacy and security at the Health Management Information Systems Society, noted that if the ransom is paid, it should be done cautiously.

To pay or not to

Ryan Calamber, Proofpoint’s senior vice president of cybercity strategy, opposed paying the ransom.

crimes, such as sending spam emails, Starting DDoS attacks, using character or financial data through fraud. Internet and identity theft, ”he told TechNewsWorld.

“Paying cyber criminals often transfers money to organized crime and terrorist groups and should be avoided as a rule not to destroy the cycle of cyber crime,” Calmbert said.

St Jennel Senior Vice President Scott Jenny said the ransom was not a black and white offer.

lesson learne

This phenomenon may also change thinking about health care safety positive thinking about their systems.

He told TechNewsWorld: “Health institutions should start looking into the fact that data integrity and data availability are in many ways more important than privacy,” because you may have a situation where the hospital needs manual care Has to go back because the data was not available. ”

Over the summer, Business Roundtable, a global C type group at the enterprise level, revised its view on the company’s purpose.

Historically, Milton Freedman’s statement that the company aims to make money for shareholders and maximize shareholder value has become something of an outcry. The amended statement includes not only shareholders, but also employees, customers, partners, suppliers and local communities.

I was familiar with this line of thinking in the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. It is associated with Mark Benioff’s focus on giving back and the pledge-1-percent movement that helped him get started.

Everywhere around us, we can see evidence of Friedman’s tense approach to the edges. In particular, millennials do not turn to the idea of ​​increasing shareholder value. One can also look around and see evidence that companies are reducing their costs (eg people clean our pollution) and absorb their profits.

Many get separated from it, and rightly so. The younger you are in America, the less afraid of socialism.

The technology era we are entering has charitable solutions that deserve attention, if there is no reason other than to keep other stakeholders happy, this is a good way to keep contributors happy as well. This idea will not go away.

I will leave a lot. There is no doubt that 5G or advanced predictive analysis may be involved, but these are evolutionary ideas. They are building on the past and will work on strong incremental improvements in the coming years.

The things I have mentioned here are somewhat revolutionary, and will have even more impact. One of the advantages of taking this post is that if you were right about any of it, I would be there to broaden my thoughts next year. If not, there will be something else to write about.

It gives me great pleasure to write about customer relationship management and technology in general, and I am honored to know that you have read some of them. Happy holiday!