The Exynos 990-powered Samsung Galaxy S20

The Exynos 990-powered Samsung Galaxy S20

While offering up to 6,600 for a new phone, one would expect the class to be top in performance or at least better than last year’s versions.

Not the Galaxy S20, but new tests have shown that the Exynos Galaxy S20 + has been completely destroyed by powered by Snapdragon 855 + S10 + games.

A while ago, we released a report on the poor performance of the Exynos 990SC on Samsung Galaxy S20 phones, as the new SC firm revealed a worse share of energy shares in last year’s Snapdragon 855 on Sprint.

Well, it seems that this national difficulty holds up well for real-world use, especially in games.

In a video shared by Primary Qualification Report @ lch920619x, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + powered by Exynos 990 can be seen fighting the Galaxy S10 + Snapdragon 855 from last year.

Both phones have set up 1080p @ 60Hz and with the most graphic setup, launching NBA 2K20 can be easily noticed against gaming performance, such as the Galaxy S10 + 60 with the Snapdragon 855 carrying a fixed frame, slightly lower drop to 59fps. Including.

The Exynos 990 powered S20 + is a completely different case, though it fights at 43fps in general gameplay and only reaches 60fps during the cut scene.

After 15 minutes of gameplay, the Galaxy S20 warms up noticeably when touched, reducing the observed thermal temperature to an unhappy 30fps frame.

The S10 + Tio was throttled but nowhere near too much, the game still runs at 50fps.

Finally, the average Galaxy S10 + powered by Snapdragon 855 had a frame rate of 54fps, while the Galaxy S20 + lagged significantly behind at 39fps. Frame rate fluctuations were also about 25% lower on S10 +.

Doing the same test on PUBG just after achieving similar results, the S10 + has been able to have at least 55fps, while the S20 + sometimes drops to 30fps.

After a few minutes of gameplay, the S20 dropped to 20fps, while the S10 + retained the 55fps range.

The final test gave similar results after allowing the devices to cool down again: S20 + 43fps on average; S10+ was installed at 58fps.

It’s safe to say that Exynos 990, good for games, is bad. This is not new, as previous Aquinos Galaxy Ship owners usually have similar certificates.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Snapdragon 845 can be placed with the Exynos S20 in the Galaxy S9 game, and it’s just a sign of Samsung.

Worse performance, worse skills and, as we have seen before, the camera performed worse.

Buyers of the Exynos model are tied to major Samsung ships and that may be true. If games are a priority then do it yourself and skip the Exynos Galaxy S20 models.

First reviews of the expensive model flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 confirmed numerous errors affecting the camera. Auto focus in particular often creates problems.

If you want to shoot very close, it often jumps between the nozzle and the background instead of focusing reliably.

Autofocus is reliable only in poor lighting conditions, you can’t go for a smooth $ 1,400 smartphone in its highest configuration!

In response to the first test, Samsung immediately announced that they wanted to fix the bugs quickly with firmware updates, and the time had come.

After launch, the second new firmware comes in the G9 XXXXXU1ACH version and is not yet available through the update section of your smartphone, but it can be downloaded via the Smart Switch.

The goal of the update is to significantly improve the camera of all three S20 models, in addition to three other factors to ensure auto focus.

However, until now the update only applies to Exynos processor models, which may be a problem in your area. However, Snapdragon model updates should follow soon.

Samsung released the Galaxy S20 phone a few weeks ago. As usual, the phones are shipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in North America and a few other regions, with Samsung’s internal Exynos 990 to do with the rest of the world.

As usual, the Exynos 990 also seems to be performing much worse than the Snapdragon 865.

It’s not really news. Benchmarks of the Galaxy S20 phone launch showed that the Exynos 990 model Snapdragon lags behind at 865gb.

Fortunately, performance is not all that important but efficiency is equally important Unfortunately, Exynos 990 seems far less efficient.

Clearly, Exynos 990 was only able to deliver the highest performance on SPECint for a power ratio of about 13.0 / W.

By comparison, the Snapdragon 865 records a value in the region of 19.6 / W Last Last year’s Snapdragon 855 was more efficient than the Exynos 990, running at about 15 / W.

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