Say hello to the first Alfa Romeo SUV. Yes, the Italian heritage brand has finally set foot on the Big Boy Dish with Stelvio. It is briefly in the alpha-galea layers.

Stelvio is part of the SUV driven class that has now proven to be the most lucrative and profitable in most parts of Europe for several years.

The most surprising thing about Alpha’s latest participant, though, is that you might consider buying it.

The brand has a huge following but it gets a great rhythm from those who question its reliability.

Not so much Stillview. Built on the new Fiat-Chrysler Giorgio platform – it shares it with Premium Gillia – the project is considered separate from the competition.

“How?” Listen, you ask. Weight: 1.660kg, Stelvio, in many cases BMW X3, Jaguar F-Pace, Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5 are a few hundred kilos lighter than the competition.

This is thanks to a carbon fiber support shaft, as well as plenty of aluminum (including rear chassis, bonnet, suspension, brake pads and engine components) for improved economy, sharper response and speed.

All of this is good and good, but how does Alpha really lead, what is his inside look, and does Stelvio face a real chance against his well-established rival?

Alpha Classic Design

There is nothing wrong with anything Stelvio does except Alfa Romeo. The classic Troyo Grill occupies a unique position at the nozzle in a style similar to the Giulia style.

Cable Stelvio’s extra ground clearance (up to 190mm in height) gives it a strong SUV position. Sounds a bit like Gilliam Lovechild and Maserati Levant, but that’s not a bad thing.

The distinctive design ensures that the Stelvio is not as vanilla as the Audi Q5. But at the same time, Alfa has a slight glimpse of the youngster in the subject; Such a large-faced teenage puppy did not maintain the same proportion as his body.

On the substrate layers, Golia is not quite as elegant as Julia, even if these conspicuous grid and pendant lights add interesting focus to the design.

Of course, this is a versatile sports car: Designed with family, ski trips and all golf clubs and what should you do, right?

With a 525-liter boot capacity, you don’t struggle to swallow it (clubs can, the family can sit behind, your type is key)), making this Alpha brand more shopping than anything else on the market.

There is plenty of space for a young couple back then if you intend to make this your family car.


However, when visiting the Stelvio it seems that there are fewer family cars and more driver’s cars.

These are very well-designed, with all the adjustments you may need for comfortable leather chairs and the perfect view of the road during fashions, and don’t force any of your passengers to forget (don’t worry, they’ve got enough room for depth until they’re long ).

As we said about the Gillia, the interior isn’t quite right, as the combination of keys in the middle of the cabin looks cheap, as it was taken out of Hyundai’s range of soft-line SUVs.

It looks completely separate from the overall plus end and detracts from the behavior that this car is turning around.

Regarding functionality, the dashboard has a 5.5-inch center screen, which is buried out of sight when the engine is off, but at a distance that can be reached directly below the eye level when out on the road.

The shape is turned on to avoid attention, but the main problem with the screen is the panel’s brightness and paint. Even when driving in Northern Ireland during the rainy season, the reflections did not always clear it.

Aside from that, the controls are logical: Alpha was a time when two years ago, in fact, was developing a rotating application that was easy to get up the middle tunnel to set things on the center screen. And we are okay with that.

As fun as all modern touch technology is – check out the refined Audi A8 to get an idea of ​​where things are going – it’s not always the most useful when driving.

It’s very easy to switch between navigation, music, entertainment features and other info without having to rely on everything and touch.

There are two cup holders and a large door box to keep things functional, as well as a USB charger in the front and a 12V source. For the rear seats, there are two more USB sockets, making sure that kids – or anyone else – can charge the kit on their go.

Engine and trim options

To launch in the UK, Stelvio comes in four levels: Stelvio (from £ 35,090), Super (from £ 37,290), Spatial (from £ 41,490) and Milano Adigione (from £ 43,990).

Each trim level offers the option of a petrol turbo or diesel turbo with two separate fuels for each fuel (though not all engine shredders are available for all types of grafting).