The 10 lessons for Disney, Apple, streaming companies

The 10 lessons for Disney, Apple, streaming companies

Stream Wars – The battle between the monster companies that wants your backpack and credit cards for your subscription services is officially underway.

Earlier this month, Apple launched its Apple Pallet TV + service. Today, Disney launches Disney +. In April, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former CEO of DreamWorks and former CEO of eBay Meg Whiteman, will release this quib a month later with improved HBO Max from AT&T, and NBCNiversal Peaking that quarter. These include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu (which took over Disney earlier this year), CBS All Access, and Viacom’s Pluto TV. Who else will join? In January २०१ 2015, announced plans to start streaming services later that year. He is still waiting.

We have no idea what this fight will be like, but we know a few things about running a subscription video service because we’re not in the business ourselves. The most important thing to remember is that to become successful in subscription video services, there are two things: getting a customer and being a customer. The other is difficult. More rigorous

And because we offer free advice, here are 10 tips for current and future competitors:

1. Spend today on a content library that makes financial sense in the past five years. If you don’t spend tomorrow’s customers, you can’t keep them today. This means that people who burn a lot of money will have to give it a shot to rebuild it.

२. The only arbiters are the audience of your content and quality of service. That doesn’t stop you from appealing to 90 members of the Television Arts and Sciences Academy or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, or keeping the highest average score of Rotten Tomatoes. These organizations can help raise awareness for your show, but in the end, viewers need to watch them and do more.

Instead of focusing on golden statues, we recommend that you keep in mind the following principles:

“Nickelback Principal”: Such content is “bad”, just like the audience. They are not like some material and they like to pretend that they will go out to complain about it. Nickelback was one of the best bands of the 2000s. This year TLC’s Dr. The Pimple Popper was more popular among women, including the Tonsi and Academy Award winner Viola Davis, along with the series, Shoda Rhymes How to Gear Air Murder.

“Marshmallow Principal”: If you ask the audience to come back for new episodes a week, they’ll be better off. The longer the interval between seasons, the better the show. If your content doesn’t justify the 167-hour or 18-month wait, release it twice and carry it.

“In-and-out theory”: You probably need more content than you think. If your audience does not complain about many of the series they want to watch, they will cancel their subscription and when you withdraw them.

“Theory of coal theory”: Customers do not keep the goods they see or want. In fact, the Pay TV bundle showed that they were annoyed at receiving it eventually. At a certain stage, the value of the uncontrolled content is zero, but negative.

“Webwork theory”: You don’t need sophisticated metrics to tell whether your audience likes your content or not. All you need to know is, “Are they coming back?” The more complex the analysis, the more exaggerated it is.

Your. One of the best ways to build your streaming subscription service is to re-brand and eradicate other people who already have money, and money. Hulu doesn’t have to worry about supplying her stuff because it was a TV last night. Prime video doesn’t have to worry about revenue or views. Before taking office, Crunchyroll was the largest anonymous piracy site in the world. Before asking for extra dollars, Netflix had millions of DVD subscribers.

What’s more, Netflix was able to build its business because it canceled its suppliers’ business, though those suppliers took many years to experience it.

You. Even if you really want to make money, streaming subscriptions will not be your true business. Instead, offer as a free or reduced-cost allowance part of a much higher margin and less competitive business, such as a wireless service, smartphone, e-commerce subscription or theme park pass. Better yet, use your service to earn money by selling other people’s profitable video services.

In the end the focus will make you more successful in the stream but overall worse.

Magic. People were telling you lies that magic data helps you perform better. As a media mogul, you’re already watching the data closely. You know the result of your Nielsen number, your box office total, your focus group.

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