The truth is that life goes by very fast. Presidents come and go – even if they are re-elected – within a decade. It’s been 10 years since the “Breaking Bad” TV show has been watching movies. Come on.

Life goes on, all right. Here are 10 things that haven’t been done for almost a decade.


Of course, ten years ago, for example, it was easier to find a flight to the airport. He was told to get a taxi. However, you could not add a taxi with just a few clicks to your smartphone in 20 years.

At that time there was no environment just waiting for the pavement and entering into its contract. He may have a taxi driver.

You also had to pay cash, and had a suggestion. Uber, with its cool application and a consistent fleet of Joe-owned cars, has put a brake on everything. (Okay, the tips are back.)


Cryptocurrency – What was called cryptocurrency in 20? – It started appearing less than a decade ago, and as such electronic money has slowly reached the virtual hearts and portfolios of enough people, perhaps by the end of 2017, these shares were worth more than $ 243 billion worth of Bitcoin.

We’re not sure, for example, that McDonald’s doesn’t accept it. But one word on cryptocurrency is that Uber’s Joe may soon adopt it.


Nothing has been done on the technological steps of the past decade, just like Instagram’s photo-sharing app, though some may argue that self-interested Instagrammers are lagging behind on an evolutionary scale.

Instagram (introduced by IG for those who know), launched on Apple and later Android on August 25, serves millions of monthly users who share millions of photos (and videos) every day. Since 25, Igers has uploaded more than 3 billion photos.

Selfie stick

Well, that could be a big step for humanity. Camera holders have certainly been around for over 10 years.

But since the advent of smartphones with front cameras and the need to restrict the length of our hands and lift and upload selfies (were they about 10 years ago?), Selfie sticks have become the answer to a problem we haven’t used before.

A selfie stick hit its peak when it was selected as one of the 25 best inventions of 2014, is it really time?

Of Spotify

Spotify is a coming-of-age person who has been known to the Internet for the rest of his life, and has a live streaming option for about 1 million users every month, who creates and shares playlists from a library of nearly 3 million songs (Obama’s White House is famous for its playlists). .

Spotify was released free in late 2008, if you didn’t mind showing some ads here and there. Or, if you want to get rid of ads, it will be $ 9.99 per month. You can also download tracks to listen offline. It’s basically a huge sound box for seniors to hear on your smartphone.

“I woke up”

In 2018, if you’re not awake, you’re gone. Come to think of it, “wake up” may not be awake anymore. Whatever the case, no one knew who woke up in the dark ages – for example, 2007.

However, at 21, the owners of the words Merriam-Westers, who pay attention to these issues, come to their big book (see smartphone only with paper instead of your screen) and make it an official part of the dictionary. If you do not know what that means then it is better to wake up.

Via Airbnb

Another winner of the new sharing economy is Airbnb. Since its launch in May 25, it has resonated with the hotel industry, such as Uber, that has disrupted the taxi business.

The Airbnb application and website have connected the owners of the willing space (that house in your garage?

Airbnb ranked more than 65,000 cities in over 191 countries and gave more than 200 million people a comfortable place. How did we travel without it?


The Internet was launched more than 10 years ago (thanks, Al Gore!), And will be available to many. Unless it promotes innovations like Snapchat, a secret public messaging app (photos disappear by default after a certain period of time) was first released in 20.

Snapchat and its cute little ghost icons have been very popular for a while for teenagers – not to mention the selfie group (no sign, you know) – and it still has over 170 million users a day.


Elon Musk probably dreamed of making a great and fast car 40 years ago as a South African boy. However, by the age of 20, he had launched an electric car called the Tesla Roadster, which changed the car forever.

Roadster then had other future-looking Teslas, and now every car maker is competing in a land thankful for future electricity. The company is also the leader in standalone driving technology. Hold on to your seat for the next decade.